Da Jeong and Chief Seo’s Outfits in Prime Minister and I (Ep 4)

Da Jeong and her pretty purple sheer top and fit-and-flare skirt. This outfit looks so elegant and classy. The longer and more conservative skirt length can be pretty tricky to get right. At different lengths, a skirt may take you to convent zone or chunky legs zone instead of getting you to first lady elegance.

I do not see the logic of this exchange because it is obvious that Da Jeong has more to lose than the Prime Minister. It doesn’t fail to be hilarious as she mocks Mr. Prime Minister.

A classic K-drama move to effectively shut up someone of the opposite sex. Usually it is pretty anticipated between the main leads but in this case I cringed slightly. Suddenly I pity Yoona so much. If I were her I would have rather been kissing the second male lead, Yoon Si Yoon.

They say peplum never goes out of style. It is also always elegant. This beautiful tailored top will do wonders for any girl who wears it, as long as you get the height and length of the peplum right. Oh, boy. Better stop before this gets technical and mathematical.

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