Yoona’s Outfits in Prime Minister and I (Ep 5)

Get Yoona’s look!

Pink Lace Dress

Da Jeong (Yoona) attends official events dressed in this bright pink lace dress. The colour is bright and playful but the cut is formal and elegant. She’s got the best of both worlds. Pair the dress with a pair of lilac heels like the one Kwon Yul is holding up! Mimick her look with this pink sleeveless lace dress from La Chateau ($139.95).


Black ensemble


Snooping around someone else’s house? You need a black outfit. Da Jeong is convinced that her contract of her terms of marriage is in the possession of Minister Park Joon Gi. Snooping is her only way of retrieving the contract! Her skirt lengths are more conservative and this knee-length flared skirt from Zara must be Da Jeong approved.


Grey coat

A girl needs to dress up to when she meets a cute guy. Yes, even if it is to cry all over his shoulder and wipe snot on his hanky. That’s exactly what Da Jeong did with Chief Kang (Yoon Si Yoon). This grey coat from La Chateau should keep you warm while looking chic for your man.


Keep watching Prime Minister and I for more fashion and drama. New episodes available every Monday and Tuesday.

Photos of products taken from La Chateau and Zara websites


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