Wedding Dress in Prime Minister and I (Ep 4)

The dress, the hair, the bouquet! All has to be perfect for the wedding. What about the man? I guess Nam Da Jeong (Yoona) has to worry about that at a later date.

Her Kate Middleton inspired wedding dress looks absolutely stunning but I think she’s a bit too skinny to fill out the dress nicely. Also, the dress will be absolutely perfect with a sweetheart neckline. That would further increase the slimming effect but obviously Nam Da Jeong doesn’t need any of that. Her hair is pulled back in a simple low ponytail and decorated with a tiara. The bouquet is made out of greenish-white hydrangeas surrounded by coral and yellow roses. The groom wears a bi-coloured pink rose corsage complemented with peach-coloured ribbon. Yes, I know. I should work in the fashion industry.

Isn’t it bad luck to see the bride before the wedding? Making a wish during the first snow fall seem to have cancelled out the effect.

The venue

In the most heart-wrenching of scenes, the writer manages to insert some humour. Da Jeong’s father is suffering from dementia and his condition is triggered and aggravated from all the excitement of his daughter’s wedding. Da Jeong is sobbing away because her father’s condition will prevent him from achieving his lifelong dream of walking her down the aisle. Seeing her in this state, Mr. Prime Minister lends her a hanky which she proceeds to blot off her tears and blows her nose into. She then returns the snot-filled hanky to Mr. Prime Minister and he cannot hide his disgust.

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