This Week’s Wrap Up: Dec 23-29

Christmas week can be a pretty boring time for television. We watch endless reruns of classic Christmas movies and wait for those two-year-old christmas movies to go on cable. Korean dramas are still running full steam ahead and Korean drama awards are drawing near. Check out the Korean drama awards schedule after the jump.

Prime Minister and I

There’s no honeymoon period for Da Jeong. Straight after getting married, she attends to Prime Minister’s wife and stepmom duties. While she makes little mistakes along the way, she tries her best to be an exemplary wife. Her influence on the Kwon Yul and his children is evident. Kwon Yul is starting to pay more attention to his children and the children are starting to feel cared for. Outside of the family, Da Jeong uses her connections with the press and Scandal News to deal with difficult politicians’ wives. While she seems to be doing well, I think it is a long way until she learns about the full picture of the cut-throat world of politics but she definitely has the smarts to deal with it.

I hope for more romance between Da Jeong and Chief Kang. It drives Kwon Yul crazy with jealousy. He blames it on keeping up with appearances but we all know that there’s a little green monster living within him.

Laugh out loud scene: Since Kwon Yul suffers from insomnia, Da Jeong promises to read to Kwon Yul until he falls asleep. She reads in a sweet voice then out of a sudden… her voice trails off and we do not heat from her. She’s fallen asleep! Mission impossible. Kwon Yul is still awake. Tehehe!

MBC Drama Awards 2013
December 30 at 8.55pm KST (3.55am PST, same day)
Hosts: Lee Seung Gi and Han Ji Hye
There has hardly been any good MBC drama this year, at least the weekday 16- to 20-episodes ones. Will watch for Seung Gi though.
Fan Favourites: Gu Family Book

SBS Drama Awards 2013 Live Streaming
December 31 at 8.55pm KST (3.55am PST, same day)
Hosts: Kim Woo Bin, Lee Bo Young
There will be live streaming of the award show available on the SBS youtube channel.
Fan favourites: Heirs, Master’s Sun, That Winter The Wind Blow and I Can Hear Your Voice.

KBS Drama Awards 2013
December 31 at 8.30pm KST (3.30am PST, same day)
Hosts: Joo Sang Wook, Lee Mi Sook, Shin Hyun Joon, Yoona
Fan Favourites: Good Doctor, Queen of Workplace, Secret, You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin

I’ll watch MBC just for Seung Gi, SBS for the star line up and KBS for Joo Won (please receive an acting award), Shin Hyun Joon and Joo Sang Wook.

What to look forward to during the award shows
Is it weird that I enjoy the Best Couple awards the most? It is one of the most entertaining part of the night! Still the most epic best on-screen couple award goes to Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In.


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