Prime Minister and I


An ajusshi playing the main lead with a love interest that could be his daughter. Who knew this weird pairing will work so well? I credit it to great writing. Entirely. I am not denying the fact that the actors are good at what they do but I think the success of the show will be hinging on the writing more than anything else. Common sense tells us that the pairing of the main leads will not work without a good storyline. Who wants to see an ajusshi kissing a young, hot girl? I bet lots of ajusshis dream of doing it, but really nobody wants to see it.

Dear Drama Writer, please keep up your awesomeness because the moment your writing fizzles, this drama goes out the window.

The show reminds me slightly of Sound of Music. Take the Sound of Music, minus all the singing, insert awesome comedic timing, replace strict military discipline with Kendo, replace a pretty nun with a pretty journalist and reduce the number of kids from seven to three and we’re almost looking at Prime Minister and I.

I am looking forward to the next episodes to find out what happens. What I find fascinating is that I’m not watching the drama for any specific actor, I am purely watching for the drama itself.

I may be writing some blog posts related to this drama. Yoona’s beautiful wardrobe will definitely be featured it my posts!

By the way, Yoon Si Yoon looks… very different. And I’ve spend the last 4 episodes trying to figure out why. Is it really just the hair? Any insights?


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