Now that flower leaves have settled…


Now that flower leaves have settled and everybody’s hearts have slowed down just a bit from the excitement of Valentine’s Day, what did you guys do (and get)?

I still remember the years in high school when clubs would make and sell origami rose bouqets for existing lovebirds or for a chance for that shy boy (or girl!) in class to buy a rose to confess their feelings to their crush. On Valentine’s Day, the club responsible for Origami Rose Telegrams as they were called, someone would hand deliever these bouquets to the lucky receipient’s class. Usually though, it’s only the popular girls who gets them and those ones who are obviously an item. I remember always hoping that I’d get one but I never did.

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day 2013.

My boyfriend and I are the kind of couple that does not celebrate commercialized holidays like Valentine’s, Christmas, etc. We like expressing each other’s feelings randomly, not because we “have to.” However, this year, my boyfriend surprised me!

While we waited at the bus stop after work, he told me to turn around and face him. I thought he was a little weird, and he reached behind my ear and pulled out not one, but TWO Hershey’s Kisses! He said that chocolates are sweeter when shared with loved ones. Already happy with my Hershey’s and his loving words (he is generally not a sweet talkerXD), he reached into his man purse and handed me a handmade Valentine’s Day card which he made at work.


This very quick but sweet action from my boyfriend made me realize, that indeed, the best things in life are free.


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