Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a love story that should be remembered on Valentine’s~! Story here.

Sue Johnston’s love story started off like any other: she met the man of her dreams, started a family and was happily married for 46 years. Little did she know that her husband, John, had the most amazing, tear-jerking, Valentine’s surprise up his sleeve.

After sending Sue a bouquet of flowers with a note, “My love for you grows.” every year on Valentine’s Day, John sadly passed, but his love for Sue didn’t! On her first Valentine’s Day alone, she received that same bouquet of flowers. But from who? Clearly Sue was a little confused too, so she called the florist to ask and we can only imagine her surprise at what came next!

They told her that John had pre-bought several years worth of bouquets to ensure that their tradition would go on, even if he wasn’t there to celebrate it with her. And if your heart’s not entirely melted already, here’s the best part: the note. This time, John had written “My love for you is eternal”.

Aww, can someone pass the tissues please?

Happy Valentine’s everyone – hope you spend it with loved ones and family 🙂


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