We Got Married Episode 189

wgm189005Taemin and Naeun Key and Eunji

The Shinee boys minus Onew, Naeun and Eunji play a game of yut.  It is a game where they throw a couple of sticks as a dice and depending on the combination of sticks landing on the flat side or on the curved side will determine the number of moves one can make.  The player that makes it ‘Home’ first wins the game.  They are divided into three teams: the couples and the pair of lonely brothers.

They decide to put a little twist on the traditional game of yut by including some punishments if you land on a particular spot.  Think ‘go to jail’ spot in monopoly.  The punishments they picked are hugging cheek to cheek, exchanging clothing between team members, and another that builds on previous punishments where they start with hand holding and ends with being seated on their partner’s lap.

wgm189003Key and Eunji goes first and lands on the spot where the punishment is to hug cheek to cheek.

wgm189007Taemin and Naeun is up next and they too land on the cheek to cheek hug.  They are so awkward with each other that Key says that they look like a couple in children textbooks. PG rated?

wgm189009Key and Eunji gets the next punishment to hold hands.  They do it without batting an eyelash.  Everyone else is amazed at their progress.  Their cool front is broken when Eunji lands on the spot where the punishment is to sit on your partner’s lap.  Jonghyun help them avoid the punishment by letting them take a different route.

wgm189014The game of yut never seem to end.  Taemin and Naeun gets another punishment where he has to lift her up princess style.  Taemin and Naeun loses the overall game and the rest insists that they exchange clothing for losing the game.

Minho tells Taemin to show Naeun his bedroom.  Taemin shares a room with Jonghyun.  His bed is covered with a girly pink blanket with the teddy bear from Naeun tucked neatly under the blanket.

wgm189016Jonghyun comes in to play saying that it is also his room and he needs to use the computer.  (A welcomed interruption.  These two get a little awkward and boring on their own.)  He tells them to carry on.  Taemin talks to Naeun as if Jonghyun wasn’t there and asks what she thought about Jonghyun.  “I like you (Taemin) more.”  Upon hearing that, Taemin hugs her and glances at Jonghyun.  Reminded of his loneliness, Jonghyun leaves the room and slams the door behind him.  Haha.

gtl001Jonghyun continues to disrupt them from the bedroom window.  He lets himself in through the window and makes an excuse to grab the keyboard that was on his bed.

*almost endless and meaningless chatter between Taemin and Naeun about the cheesiest things*

Jung Jun Yeong and Jung Yumi

Let the fun begin!

Their mission before moving into house number 3 in the We Got Married village is to purchase furnishings and/or decor for their new home.  They stop at a supermarket nearby to purchase what they need.

wgm189002First stop is bedding and they immediately have different opinions about colours.  Jun Yeong wants something black whereas Yumi is after a hotel bedroom crisp white look.  He lets her have her way without a fight.  Yumi also spots an interesting pillow that claims to be anti-wrinkle for the neck.  What in the world?  He agrees to buy it even though it will set them back by 33,000 won.

She picks out two tiny dishes that she thought would be perfect for when they have sashimi and soju.  She wants to go fishing together someday but he says “that’s banned”.  Jun Yeong start fussing around after shopping for sometime.  Men. By making an excuse to find Yumi some hangers, Jun Yeong takes the opportunity to slip away.  He is in the food section enjoying food samples on moment and in the next, he’s shopping for wines at the alcohol section.  Yumi is annoyed but is soon appeased when he suggest to buy her some champagne.

They’re back at the aisle for storage and home organization and Yumi spots something she likes.  It requires some installation and she expects Jun Yeong to do it.  He laments that dramas seriously messes up women and their expectations.  Ditto.

wgm189006She finds a raccoon rug that looks exactly like Jun Yeong and decides to buy it.  It will be something she takes her anger out on.

While Yumi checks out some pillows, Jun Yeong slips away when she’s not looking.  He’s like a toddler!  Yumi is slowly fuming inside.  She pushes that huge shopping cart all around the store and finds him at the, guess what, toys section.  She express her annoyance indirectly(?) by saying she really wants to buy a baseball bat.  They agree on buying a toy hammer.  I believe that hammer will be something that Yumi reaches for constantly.

They head to the checkout to pay for the stuff they have picked out.  The total comes to 500,000 won and out comes the prepaid(?) credit card that was given to them in the mission card.  There was insufficient funds in the card to pay for all their purchases but there is no way of figuring out what the balance is on the card.  One by one, items are taken out of the shopping cart until they discover that the amount on the card is probably 300,000 won.  In the end, they only bought bedding and that sad toy hammer.  Bye, bye to all those crazy bottles of wine.


They finally arrive at house no. 3 in WGM village, the house they will call home for the duration of their fake marriage.  Jun Yeong came with a crazy amount of stuff while Yumi only has a luggage and two boxes (which, really, is still a lot considering that they’ll be here only once a week or something to that effect).  He has 8 guitar cases in tow!

Yumi unpacks her stuff while showing them off to the hubby.  He of course picks out the age defying cream among all the stuff she is showing off.  In another of her bags are bottles and bottles of vitamins and supplements.  Please, feed him some of that.  He looks like he needs it.  She pulls out matching fluorescent matching sporting gear which he hates because of the colour and the fact that it involves physical activity.

Did he really bring 8 guitars with him?  NOPE.  One of the cases was filled with cosmetic products!  He’s also brought two beer helmets but pours coke into the cups.  He could have just put two cans of pop or beer into the cups.  -_- His efforts seems to be worthwhile because Yumi seems fascinated by the beer helmet.

Yoon Han and So Yeon

Cuteness overload!  It’s not from these two…

wgm189014but rather Louis and Maru!

wgm189016So Yeon decided to bring her puppies out to test if they get along with her new fake hubby.  Yoon Han is doing pretty well as little Louis is calm within his presence but shakes a lot when other strangers picks him up.

wgm189020*Super corny*  Yoon Han says that So Yeon have deer-like eyes and decide to take a photo with deers.

Yoon Han runs off for a while and comes back with a bike for two.  They ride through the park i.e. BORING.  I think these two are boring in a good way.  They seem to be compatible for each other but from a variety show point of view, they are the ones that kill the ratings.

So Yeon unpacks a picnic basket, which she admits she bought.  Thank you, she’s make better use of time!  IF she can crank in thousands of dollars an hour, why be spreading butter on a piece of bread?

Forget recapping because there’s nothing much going on with these two.  Let’s just look at the screen caps.

Photo 10-31-2013, 3 35 26 PMThey made a call to So Yeon’s younger sister and decided to meet up for dinner.

wgm189024They spend the rest of the lazy afternoon lying around, listening to music and acting relaxed.  Who wouldn’t be distracted by the camera taking the shot in the screen cap above?


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