Tea Haul and Mini Collection

Since the weather started cooling down, I’ve started gravitating towards tea instead of coffee this year. I’ve sort of healed up from the Starbucks bug and have been looking down my local grocery stores for delicious teas. I used to only have tea during high tea or afternoon tea, or English tea right after dinner to help digest. I picked up these teas today:

image (1)

I was craving a London Fog but not with the Starbucks prices, so I searched up a recipe on how to make it online, went to our store and bought the Variety Pack from Twinings.

It came with four types to try:

The English Breakfast: A robust and satisfying blend of Assam and Kenyan teas.
Earl Grey – A light and aromatic blend scented with bergamot.
Irish Breakfast – A strong full bodied blend with a rich aroma.
Lady Grey – A light and bright blend scented with notes of citrus.

I’m extremely satisfied with the purchase of different kinds of teas in one package, you get more flavours than just buying one box!

image (4)

image (3)

I have a difficult time falling asleep. I do have terrible insomnia and a slight case of anxiety so tea helps me calm down. I’ve chosen caffeine free chamomile tea for an after dinner choice and sleepytime tea for an alternative when I feel extra nervous. I’ve heard great things about these blends of teas and I’m excited to try them out :- ) For now, I have a personal collection of 5 teas. I think that is a good starter tea collection, and I’ll be alternating them throughout the whole season! L to R: Twinings Variety Pack, Secret Garden Blue Angel, Celestial Sleepytime Tea, Teavana Peach Tranquility (review coming soon!), STASH Chamomile tea.

image (2)

What kinds of teas are you guys interested in? I’d love to be introduced to more calming tea flavours ^_^



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