Ravenswood Episode 2: Death and the Maiden

The spin-off show started when Caleb Rivers hopped off the bus to Ravenswood to help his girlfriend Hanna Marin (PLL), but when he stays to help Miranda Collins find her uncle he stumbles upon their two graves (I’d book it right then and there if I were in his shoes!). Caleb is shocked but wants answers, so he vows to stay until he gets them. This show is a bit like Pretty Little Liars (mysteries, pretty girls and hot guys), but it’s a LOT creepier as they’re dealing with spirits and things. I don’t know if I like it, but it’s caught my attention. Let’s move forward to the first episode’s highlights:

The Accident

 They say Ravenswood is cursed and the five kids are starting to believe it. Remy was driving Miranda, Caleb, Luke and Olivia after the Halloween Parade (possibly to drive them home?) and Miranda sees a figure on the road which she then swerves the wheel. This kills her, and thus starts the mysterious “theory” which Remy figures out (more on this later). 

Olivia and Luke


Luke went snooping and found a letter their dad wrote to their mom before he died. The mystery of who killed his father will be forever a burden and everyone is a suspect, including someone in his own family. He thinks that their mother was cheating on their dad, and Olivia wants no part whatsoever in this theory that she tears the letter in front of her brother’s face. However, later on she tries approaching her mom and asked her if there really was anyone else, which she cannot answer back. Olivia storms off with her brother eavesdropping off by the stairwell, and this sketchy behavior really makes their mom seem guilty.

Olivia and Tess


At first glance, Tess seems to be the bestest (yes I said bestest lol) friend any girl could ask for. She seems very loyal, upbringing and will back you up, but like I mentioned in my Ravenswood 101 post, I think Tess is the kind of friend that feeds off your failures to be her wins. Continue reading


Ravenswood 101: The Main 5 (Photo Heavy!)

Calling all Pretty Little Liars addicts, here’s a spin-off fro Rosewood in PLL that explains more of the background story. I know it sounds a bit weird but that’s where PLL left off for the Halloween episode (recap here)  when Hanna asked Caleb to look after Miranda who was trying to find her only living relative in Ravenswood. Confused? Me too, but let’s move on!

First of all, can we please gush at how awesomely cool Ravenswood’s opening looks?! I AM SO EXCITED ALREADY.


The show’s synopsis describes it as “5 strangers are connected by the curse that has plagued Ravenswood for generations”. Let’s take a look at our 5 characters. And does anyone notice in the opening graphics, the “S” in Ravenswood is a number 5?

Caleb Rivers


Oh my gosh, I don’t think I’ve seen Caleb this emotional ever, even with Hanna Marin in Pretty Little Liars.  Caleb is one of the “5 strangers” connected to the curse, and he happens to be the lucky one that met Miranda in the bus to Ravenswood when he was on his way to save his lady love. He seems to find himself trouble everywhere he goes in Ravenswood (cue junkyard), so I think it’s best if he left town right after Miranda’s funeral. But it may be too late 😦 Continue reading