Jinwoon ♥ Junhee – We Got Married Episode 166

In this episode, Jinwoon and Junhee spend some time in their home at the WGM village. Like the other couples before them, they start off with some gardening work.


Jinwoon rocks up to the garden wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses. Not an outfit to be rocking for gardening work. He calls out to Junhee who follows behind him also wearing a leather jacket and shades. Really, the both of them look absolutely ridiculous considering the task at hand but I’ll forgive them since they are adorable together.

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Jinwoon ❤ Junhee – We Got Married Episode 165

Wifey meets the in-laws in this episode!  I bet it makes her tummy do flip flops.


Junhee makes her way up steep steps while having her hands full, clutching too many shopping bags.  Jinwoon spots her and made his way down the steps to meet her in the middle to help her out.  Those bags are gifts for Jinwoon’s family.  She tells him that she could not digest anything since last night because of the nervousness.  Continue reading

Get The Look: Statement Necklaces


How does she maintain looking so pretty while being so terrified? Most people will look like they are gonna pee their pants but she still has that elegance about her…

Okay, enough about admiring how pretty she is! Let us shift our attention to what she has around her neck. A layered chain necklace with fluorescent yellow crosses. The layers are a mix of chain, beads and gems.

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Jinwoon ♥ Junhee, Kwanghee ♥ Sunhwa, Jung Chi ♥ Jung In – We Got Married Episode 164 Part 2

Thank you for your patience!  Part 2 has arrived *drum roll*


They sit in a line to play 3.6.9 (clap every time there is the number 3, 6 or 9) and Jung In loses the first game.  The punishment was ‘Indian Bab’ which is to lie down on the ice slab and get slaps in the back from everyone.  Jung Chi was nice enough to take the punishment for Jung In but not in the macho man way, rather there were moments that he tries to back out of it. Continue reading

Jinwoon ♥ Junhee, Kwanghee ♥ Sunhwa, Jung Chi ♥ Jung In – We Got Married Episode 164 Part 1


If you haven’t notice, I tend to only recap parts with Jinwoon ♥ Junhee and Kwanghee ♥ Sunhwa as the main focus. Honestly speaking, I am not all that interested with the Jung Chi ♥ Jung In duo. This week’s recap will be the same. I will not write about the parts that are not centered around Jinwoon ♥ Junhee or Kwanghee ♥ Sunhwa. Also, I’m releasing this week’s recaps in two parts!

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Jinwoon & Junhee, Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 163


Jinwoon and Junhee arrived at a buckwheat noodle restaurant and are waiting for Kwanghee and Sunhwa.   Junhee wonders if Kwanghee will eat noodles with his hands.  She is very curious if he’ll do it now that his habit has been the talk of the town.  Jinwoon suggested that they should make him feel comfortable so that his eating habits will come out naturally.

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