Beauty Caffiene (mini product reviews)

I’m sure all of us girls have been there, when we have a date with that guy we really like, or if we have a really important interview and you REALLY want to impress the boss and the morning of said event, you wake up with a massive zit the size of Mt. Everest (or multiple zits) and you need a quick fix! The following are some quick, fool prooft cover-up products that I’ve used over the years!


1. Covergirl + Olay Concealer Balm

When I first started out with makeup, lipstick tube concealers were notoriously known to be dry and just overall very hard to work with. After having many years of bad luck I stayed away from concealers, but I heard about how good this was from some friends and decided to pick it up. To my surprise, this baby is my go-to product for the days when I don’t want to layer foundation all over my face and just have my under eye bags and redness on my face disappear. It has a matte finish so it’s perfect to do just that. It does not cake up nor settle into fine lines, and I have continued to repurchase this baby over and over again. I believe I am already running low on my third tube…. 🙂


2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer
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2014 Hong Kong: Travel Makeup Essentials

No doubt about it, Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise. It’s even more of a BEAUTY shopper’s paradise as it’s near all the major Asian capitals of the world (Korea, Japan, Thailand) and has access to most of the major brands available at a relatively cheap price. Well, as cheap as you would get it here in the Western countries would.

photo 1 (1)

These are the basics that I can’t live without anywhere I go, even here at home. I will be probably tossing out the Revlon powder there as I’ve hit major pan on it and the L’oreal liner as it’s almost on its last legs, but the others are still good to go. Continue reading

This Week’s Wrap Up: Dec 30-Jan 5


We Welcome The New Year!
Wishing all a happy, healthy and fabulous 2014!

Aaaargh! Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are dating!
The hottest story on New Year’s 2014. I’m not sure what to think of this information. I’m not that happy about the pairing… But Seung Gi gets the girl he wants(?). Maybe Seung Gi is not so heodang after all.

Watch this video from 2011 of Seung Gi and Girls Generation on 2 Days 1 Night. (It is also one of the best episodes with the 2 Days 1 Night boys use their creativity to complete their photo taking missions.)

At least Yoona didn’t end up with Joowon. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know why I think so myself. Joowon-Yoona don’t sit well with me. *shrugs*

Girls Generation’s Soo Young is also reported to be dating an actor. I guess Girls Generation are growing up. If all nine girls are revealed to be dating, I wonder how their fanboys are going to react.

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2 Days 1 Night Season 3: Why It Works

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 58 43 AM

Cast of 2 Days 1 Night Season 3

1. Our maknae (youngest) PD is back! And he is in charge
Well… He’s not quite the maknae anymore but I’ll just remember him as that.  He’s the guy who got pretty shaken up when the season 1 cast played a hidden camera trick on him.  Kang Ho Dong made maknae PD so nervous with his tantrum.  There’s even a replay of that scene in episode 2 of the season 3.

The third season of the slowly fizzling show gets maknae PD (as what I would like to think is the last attempt) to save the show. He is someone who was a witness and contributor of the show when it was at its peak and I hope he came back to return things to where it belonged.  So far, he’s been doing a great job.

Photo 1-3-2014, 3 24 19 PMThis is a show that works. It does not need a face-lift like what the previous PD did. It just needs to stay the same. Why mess with a century old best-selling secret recipe? Case and point. The previous PD invited idol groups like A Pink, Sistar and Yoona in hopes of increasing viewership. When maknae PD invited Suzy on season 3 it was a failed attempt. The cast didn’t recognize her when they woke up groggily early in the morning. I think viewership wouldn’t increase because she was there, rather it would increase because the nation’s first love is mistaken for a 2D1N writer. No offense, Suzy dear.

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 54 30 AMI had a moment of nostalgia when they brought out those ya saeng (wild) winter coats. Aah, the good times. This is why you need maknae PD.

2. The games are awesome

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 34 44 AMPhoto 1-3-2014, 12 36 42 AMThe youngest PD made the cast dig their own grave. Literally. Well, if a grave is typically 30cm deep and not 6 feet under. The games are designed to test the casts’ five virtues such as friendship, speed and accuracy. Test of five virtues, my foot. It’s five ways to kill the cast.

The first out of five games to win dinner ingredients is a digging relay. Members will take turns to dig a rectangular pit with 30cm depth within 3 minutes. They fail the mission. Out of the (questionable) goodness of maknae PD’s heart, he lets them try again this time letting all 6 members dig simultaneously while giving them 1 minute complete the mission. It’s another fail and they are complaining how strenuous it is to dig a pit on an empty stomach. Continue reading

2014 Hong Kong: Skincare Toiletries

I can’t believe we have a week left before I embark on my journey to Hong Kong with my boyfriend and his brother. It seems like a LONG time ago since we actually decided to go and went to purchase the tickets. I can’t believe how fast time passed and now it’s down to the last minute preparations, last minute hanging out with friends, last minute doctor appointments to make sure everything’s good to go. Anyway! Enough babbling.

I am USUALLY the type of person to overpack, but as this is a type of trip where I am expected to make a lot of purchases, I have done my best and only packed what I’m using every day.

photo 2

1. Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask (With Orange and Bergamot)
2. essie’s Millionails Treatment with Fiber Shield and Iron Strength
8. Urban Decay’s allnighter

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about the pollution level in Hong Kong. I’ve been to SE Asia but have been mostly indoors so things weren’t that big of a deal, but Hong Kong is a walking city and you can best believe I will be out and about as much as possible whenever and wherever possible. Because of that, I’m hoping a detoxifying mud mask would do just the trick. I’ve used it plenty of times before and it’s got a very nice citrus fragrant. As a mud mask, it does harden into a clay-like texture so I really hope the boys won’t be terrified when I walk out of the room at night with my skincare regime on. Sorry boys, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. 😉 Continue reading

Mushroom’s 2014 Resolutions


I decided to join in the fun after seeing Little Sheepy’s 2014 Beauty Resolutions. But I don’t do resolutions. I think it is pretty much setting myself up for failure right from the get go. And what I mean by that is failing all my resolutions by January 2. Sad but true. Procrastination gets the best of me and I am not ready to fight it.

So I decided that my resolutions should start this way: “Be happy and content with…” Wanna join in?

Be happy and content with myself. If there is something that bothers me about myself, I should change it until I am happy with myself.

Be happy and content with my makeup routine. If there is a false lash that bothers me, I’ll glue it down properly or pull it out. Whatever makes me happy.

Be happy and content with my job. If I hate my job, I need to learn to love it or quit. Whatever makes me happy.

Be happy and content with my exercise routine. If I hate myself for being lazy, I should hit the gym. If I am happy with the current state of affairs, I need to keep it up. Whatever makes/keeps me happy.

Be happy and content with my financial standing. If I have lots of debts, I won’t be happy. I should pay them off systematically and see the size of my debt reducing while growing my sense of accomplishment. When I feel accomplished, I feel happy.

Weird way of thinking but it sorta kinda works, right?