Littlesheepy Update! Back from Hong Kong

Yay! I’m finally back and have gotten rid of my not-so-wonderful jetlag that I experienced for two weeks! Who gets jetlag for that long? Does anyone have tips for getting over it faster? Anyway, since I’ve been back, I’ve been cooking up a storm. You eat out every day in Hong Kong and I’ve missed playing around with the stove and oven! Here are some quick updates of things I’ve made in the past week or two. Thank you guys so much for sticking around to this blog! ❤


Lately I’ve been trying to indulge in healthier snacks. What is your choice when you are craving something healthy? Raspberries are my favourite fruit of choice at the moment. Actually, I think it’s always been ❤


Its always fun to bake for the boyfriend, isn’t it? Here I made banana raisin bread for his OT team at the office.  Continue reading


Hong Kong 2014: Sight Seeing List (Poll at the end of post)

Next up, I want to keep a list of places and a way to keep track of our vague itinerary. My bf and his brother are very easy going type of guys and I’m afraid that an itinerary will feel like they’re being tied down, but I’d like to have some kind of bone structure to our trip as we’ll be out there for a while!


Places I Want to go!

1. Ocean Park
This isn’t really on my “have to” list, but I heard there were pandas in Ocean Park and I’d probably cry of happiness and roll around on the same grass they are on when/if I do visit. There’s park rides and such, and I hope it’s bigger than the amusement park we have here in my hometown. There’s also a restaurant with an aquarium feel that I really want to see! Oh, I’m in such a rut. Maybe if my boyfriend’s relatives want to take us to Ocean Park I will gladly go with them. Continue reading

Hong Kong 2014: Trip Planning!

I’ve been a bit MIA, but that’s because I’ve been busy planning my Hong Kong trip! Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to travel the world with my boyfriend. Next year, in January, my boyfriend, his brother and I are taking Hong Kong by storm for a month and I want to fit everything that I want to do plus MORE! I’ve decided to put my planning on my blog so I can keep things in order instead of random papers everywhere lol.


Planning for Oversea Vacation

Keeping a budget. This trip is mostly self-paid for so I have to keep my budgeting pretty wisely. The categories I’ve put in my Hong Kong in my budget notebook are: Food, Transportation, Entertainment, Sight Seeing, Shopping (Gifts, Personal). I am planning to bring this spiral bound notebook with me (it’s a tiny little notebook, about a quarter of a size of a regular 8.5 x 11 in page), and will calculate all my expenses at the end of the day. Especially for a really long trip, it’s smart to see in about two-three days how much in average you are spending, so you’ll know if you’ve brought over sufficient cash. Continue reading

The end of Summer, the Start of Fall~

Wow! I can’t believe summer has already come and gone, and I’ve been missing in action from our dear blog for a good month.


It’s not that I wanted to give up on blogging, it’s just that I was so busy with life that it sort of got put on the back burner. I’ve been keeping up with the Pretty  Little Liars episodes and have been writing draft posts on restaurant reviews to get me started, but I just never had the time to sit down, and fully focus on a nice blog post for Les Cordonniers.

For this month I want to finish up writing Pretty Little Liars recaps (I can’t believe the summer finale is already over and we have to wait so long for it to come back! lol), restaurant reviews and random diary entries here and there. I promise I won’t leave Les Cordonniers for that long again! A month away is too long and it just feels like something’s missing. Anyway, I’m glad to be back. 🙂

Grouse Grind for Beginners

Have you guys ever done something you never thought you would even THINK of? For me, that would be tackling the ever so famous Grouse Grind. It’s located in sunny North Vancouver, B.C. Here are some of the basic facts of this hike:


Length: 2.9 Kilometers (1.8 Miles)
Elevation Gain: 853 Meters (2,800 Feet)
Summit: 1,127 Meters (3,700 Feet)
Total Stairs (Not Including Terrain): 2, 830


It’s easy to be “peer pressured” into doing some kind of outdoor activity in the summertime. Whether it be kayaking, mountain biking, or extreme hiking, BC has it all.

With that being said, on July 14, 2013, I tied up my runner laces, popped on my sunnies and made sure I had a Gatorade with me before I embarked on the hike with my boyfriend, his brother and a group of good friends. It is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life, and perhaps an experience to accomplish before you turn 30. If you’re going to do the Grind for the first time, here’s a couple things you’ll need to know BEFORE you take your first step. Continue reading

Littlesheepy’s BACK! May visitors, dodgeball, Game of Thrones

OMG, can it be true? Can Littlesheepy be back to blogging?! 

Hi guys! I’m soo sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks. To be honest I can’t even remember the last time I blogged without cheating! The month of May has been a whirlwind of activities ranging from family friends visiting for a month, being involved in a new sport, and camp retreat! It was quite fun, but now it’s time to settle back down into taking care of Les Cordonniers :’)


May came and gone in a blink of an eye. It was actually quite busy as we had about 6-7 out of town visitors from my motherland visit, which resulted in me playing tourist guide. Of course, visitors from your homeland means lots of good food! We had a lot of spicy food (which I am proud to say, I am starting to enjoy!), and lot of laughs. They’ve been quite the traveler recently and will be coming back after their few weeks in eastern America, which means MORE food! 😀

Continue reading