Product Review: Benefit the POREfessional

Wow, it’s been so long since we’ve last posted anything on Lescordonniers 🙂 I wonder if anyone still reads this blog? Since I have more time now, I’m hoping to update this blog more. Maybe I’ll get Mushroom back on the blogging train too 😉

In today’s post, I’ll be reviewing the ultra popular product, Benefit’s POREfessional.


Image Source: Benefit

I’ve noticed pores around my nose area and cheek and I wanted something to blur the visibility of them under my makeup, almost like photoshop makeup if you will. Over the years I’ve heard about Benefit’s miracle product, the POREfessional and how it would help with diminishing pores and fine lines. I’ve watched a lot of Youtube videos with demos on how to use the product, and what to layer it with. It looked promising and I made the plunge and picked it up at Sephora one day after work and tried it out the next morning.

I was very surprised and upset that the product made my face BURN! I only used it on my cheek areas and a little on my chin. It hurt so much I was trying so hard throughout my work day not to scratch my face. My face was noticeably red and puffy and my colleagues asked if I was okay.

Needless to say, right when I got home I washed my face right away that day and the burn kept continuing regardless of the product being on my face or not! It was pretty bad. The next day I went back to Sephora to return it and the cashier was pretty nice about it and told me not to apologize for returning makeup products.

All in all, I was very disappointed by this miracle product and am still on a hunt for the perfect primer/ pore minimizer. If you girl shave any experience with different brands please let me know, I’d love to check out your opinions!


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