2014 Hong Kong: Travel Makeup Essentials

No doubt about it, Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise. It’s even more of a BEAUTY shopper’s paradise as it’s near all the major Asian capitals of the world (Korea, Japan, Thailand) and has access to most of the major brands available at a relatively cheap price. Well, as cheap as you would get it here in the Western countries would.

photo 1 (1)

These are the basics that I can’t live without anywhere I go, even here at home. I will be probably tossing out the Revlon powder there as I’ve hit major pan on it and the L’oreal liner as it’s almost on its last legs, but the others are still good to go.

photo 2 (1)

From top to bottom, left to right:

1. Shiseido eyelash curler
2. NYX eyeshadow primer
3. L’oreal Intense liquid pen eyeliner
4. Retractable portable powder brush
5. Benefit’s They’re Real mascara
6. Benefit’s hoola bronzer
7. Rimmel blush in Pink Rose
8. Chanel universelle compact powder
9/10. Revlon nearly naked foundation and powder (foundation in a travel container)
11. Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer (!)
12. Nivea lip butter (night time)
13. Maybelline babylips (day time)

Again, as to the same topic as “trying to pack light”, I have only brought the essentials. I’m not bringing any eyeshadows because I basically only own neutrals and I am planning to buy a crap load of shadows there so why should I weigh myself down by bringing things I don’t need? 😀 The only things that I’m bringing are near the ends of its life (mascara, eyeliner, primer, powder) and I can toss in HK while I’m there (and probably buy 5-6 replaceables for it, no joke).

As the main purpose of this trip is to meet the rest of my boyfriend’s relatives, I must not leave anything out! This includes most definitely, my lashes. I was considering packing some of my fake lashes but I can probably buy a ton on the first day without even blinking. I’ve had my Shiseido curler since high school and it’s still with me – that really says a lot about a product. I’m not much of a bronzer gal as I like the dolly white complexion, but I do use this as a brow powder and trust me, this box as a brow powder will LAST FOREVER. I can’t tell if there’s a dent in the box yet! It’s pretty amazing. The rest are pretty basic (except for the Chanel powder) necessities and most like I’ve mentioned I can toss out in Hong Kong.

I am a big lip balm girl and have one for day (Maybelline) and one for night (Nivea). I will need to try a couple more babylips products to give you guys a full review to see if it’s really worth the hype or not but so far so good, there’s nothing TERRIBLE about it. It’s almost like your every day lip balm but with extremely cute packaging.

In a typical trip you would see a BIGGER stash of travel makeup but as a typical girl, I’d love to know if you’re a light packer or someone who likes to pack for personal comfort! ^_^


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