This Week’s Wrap Up: Dec 30-Jan 5


We Welcome The New Year!
Wishing all a happy, healthy and fabulous 2014!

Aaaargh! Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are dating!
The hottest story on New Year’s 2014. I’m not sure what to think of this information. I’m not that happy about the pairing… But Seung Gi gets the girl he wants(?). Maybe Seung Gi is not so heodang after all.

Watch this video from 2011 of Seung Gi and Girls Generation on 2 Days 1 Night. (It is also one of the best episodes with the 2 Days 1 Night boys use their creativity to complete their photo taking missions.)

At least Yoona didn’t end up with Joowon. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know why I think so myself. Joowon-Yoona don’t sit well with me. *shrugs*

Girls Generation’s Soo Young is also reported to be dating an actor. I guess Girls Generation are growing up. If all nine girls are revealed to be dating, I wonder how their fanboys are going to react.

Woo Young and Park Se Young Casted for We Got Married
These two are to replace Taemin and Naeun (OMG finally!) on WGM. I don’t have any strong reactions toward this pairing. I’m glad to see yet another 2PM member on the show. My only problem is… who on earth is Park Se Yeong?

Check out this hilarious reaction video from freshlyFLIPPED.

Kaley Kuoco got married on New Year’s Eve!
I was expecting a lot more from her in terms of her wedding dress. Why go for a pink gown? I always think white or off-white is classic and timeless. But one thing she did get right is having Vera Wang to design her dress.

Photos and videos credit to uploaders


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