2 Days 1 Night Season 3: Why It Works

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 58 43 AM

Cast of 2 Days 1 Night Season 3

1. Our maknae (youngest) PD is back! And he is in charge
Well… He’s not quite the maknae anymore but I’ll just remember him as that.  He’s the guy who got pretty shaken up when the season 1 cast played a hidden camera trick on him.  Kang Ho Dong made maknae PD so nervous with his tantrum.  There’s even a replay of that scene in episode 2 of the season 3.

The third season of the slowly fizzling show gets maknae PD (as what I would like to think is the last attempt) to save the show. He is someone who was a witness and contributor of the show when it was at its peak and I hope he came back to return things to where it belonged.  So far, he’s been doing a great job.

Photo 1-3-2014, 3 24 19 PMThis is a show that works. It does not need a face-lift like what the previous PD did. It just needs to stay the same. Why mess with a century old best-selling secret recipe? Case and point. The previous PD invited idol groups like A Pink, Sistar and Yoona in hopes of increasing viewership. When maknae PD invited Suzy on season 3 it was a failed attempt. The cast didn’t recognize her when they woke up groggily early in the morning. I think viewership wouldn’t increase because she was there, rather it would increase because the nation’s first love is mistaken for a 2D1N writer. No offense, Suzy dear.

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 54 30 AMI had a moment of nostalgia when they brought out those ya saeng (wild) winter coats. Aah, the good times. This is why you need maknae PD.

2. The games are awesome

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 34 44 AMPhoto 1-3-2014, 12 36 42 AMThe youngest PD made the cast dig their own grave. Literally. Well, if a grave is typically 30cm deep and not 6 feet under. The games are designed to test the casts’ five virtues such as friendship, speed and accuracy. Test of five virtues, my foot. It’s five ways to kill the cast.

The first out of five games to win dinner ingredients is a digging relay. Members will take turns to dig a rectangular pit with 30cm depth within 3 minutes. They fail the mission. Out of the (questionable) goodness of maknae PD’s heart, he lets them try again this time letting all 6 members dig simultaneously while giving them 1 minute complete the mission. It’s another fail and they are complaining how strenuous it is to dig a pit on an empty stomach.

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 37 38 AMSecond game has the members fill the pit with 15cm of water within the allotted time. It is another failure.

Photo 1-3-2014, 3 24 44 PMGame three is pure evilness. The pit of water is filled with ice and two members will have to take an ice bath in silence. If they make any sounds above 100 decibels it will be considered a fail. Ice bath in winter? Maknae PD has inherited Na PD’s evil genius.

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 25 12 AMThe fourth game is a long jump over the now icy water pit. If five members makes it across without falling into water, they win Shin ramen! Maknae PD ups the reward with by throwing in 6 sweet potatoes if all members make it without falling into water.

Photo 1-3-2014, 3 23 44 PMHave a queasy stomach for bromance? Then the fifth game is not for you. I watched the whole of it while cringing so badly. Jun Young is blindfolded while the other guys have to rub their faces in his to guess who they are. If he makes correct guesses, they win another ingredient for dinner. The best part is when Ju Hyuk says that he will flare his nostrils as a sign. I wonder if they all planned something because Jun Young guessed everyone correctly.

They end on a high note saying that they performed better than what the PD expected. They teased that they are doing so well on the first episode and they will only get better with time. Don’t tempt the little devil. Maknae PD will fully unleash his evil side. It’s a dilemma because the casts’ misery is our joy but yet again as audiences we’re rooting for them to win against the evil scheming PDs and staffs.

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 53 46 AM3. The stakes are high
Win the game or starve. Tae Hyun said that he’d never wanted to win a game so badly ever on 2 Days 1 Night. That’s the spirit we’re after! The previous PD was a softy. As long as the members whine a bit, everybody gets dinner. That’s a big no-no!

4. The cast are given the opportunity to inject their own dose of mischievousness
How awesome was that morning fish sauce coffee prank? It’s an awesome orientation for 2 Days 1 Night by waking up the members and offering them a cup of fish sauce disguised as coffee? And acting all apologetic by offering a cup of water to wash it down but the cup really contains salt water?

I think Jun Young has already shown that he fits right into 2 Days 1 Night. He escapes the freezing cold of sitting in the back of a pick-up truck by imitates Maknae PD over the walkie-talkie asking the other members who were seated comfortably in the pick-up truck to switch places. Brilliant!

5. They casted someone who actually loves the show and knows how it works
Deffcon is a 2 Days 1 Night fanboy. He marvels at the ya saeng (wild) winter coats, nasty concoction of wasabi-fish sauce-sesame oil-garlic and sleeping outdoors. It is nice to have someone like him on the show because in a way he can protect the integrity of the show. Maybe, just maybe.

6. Cast with fresh and interesting personality

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 56 53 AMI was expecting more from the comedians but what I found was that the oldest hyung (older brother) actor Kim Ju Hyuk is a hidden gem of the variety show world. He reminds me of me at times when he refuses to play a game in fear of losing. He sulks when he wins and celebrates his victory. He also throws a hissy fit about popularity votes because the younger generation doesn’t know who he is then vows to do another popularity vote in 1 year where hopefully he’ll be better known. Aww, Juhyuk ajusshi, if you do a popularity vote after episode 2 is broadcasted, I believe there will be a large number of votes for you. He’s already my favourite guy on the show and he will definitely get my vote.

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 55 43 AMMischievous oddball and clueless Jun Young makes an interesting addition as the older hyungs often end up not knowing what to do with him! He lacks common sense by mixing up the water boiling pot with the furnace. He thinks that they need to empty the water before using it as a furnace. Tsk, tsk. He also think virtues are a type of tree.

I can see a bit of Ho Dong in Deffconn especially when it comes to food. He is driven by hunger and it gives him the motivation to win in games.

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 58 51 AMKim Jun Ho said what I think about him at the end of episode 2. He has suffered along with Ju Hyuk but did not get the attention that Ju Hyuk was getting throughout the trip. What can you do? The ‘variety god’ is on Ju Hyuk’s side.

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 33 28 AM7. Reminds us why 2D1N used to be a fantastic show by using iconic staff members
Remember 2D1N’s ‘official’ referee? Yep, him. I don’t know his name but I sure do remember that face and the few amazing volley soccer matches he judged. He seem to inherit Na PD’s “ddaeng!” delivery that stabs the heart of the members but put all TV audiences in a good mood.

8. Familiar sound effects
I have a feeling that this maknae PD re-used the sound effects and fonts that we are familiar with. Bird PD and previous PD had their own thing going but maknae PD still seem to revert everything back to the good ol’ days.

Photo 1-3-2014, 1 06 12 AM9. Editing is king
There was a tiny announcement in episode 2 when they edited out the common sense game because it was boring. This is a crucial lesson that the previous PD needs to learn. He used to leave every single boring part of a game and replays a scene endlessly.

Great hopes for the future…
I am looking forward to see if Maknae PD can save the show! Also if Ju Hyuk can deliver more laughs. That guy is growing on me.


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