2014 Beauty Resolutions


Happy new year every one! We made it to another digit in the future. I still can’t believe how much our society and the world in general has improved since the 90’s. Yes, I’m a 90’s girl and proud of it! (Cue BSB!) Here are my 5 beauty resolutions for the year ahead of us. I will make a mental note to check in around June to see my progress! ^^

1. Try something different
I’m the kind of girl that, once I’m familiar and comfortable with a makeup routine I will stick to it for a very long time. I know most of the Youtube beauty gurus like to collect makeup for the purpose of collecting, but I like to actually use my makeup XD hehe. That being said, I usually only buy the regular stuff: same foundation, same eyeliner, same blusher. But sometimes it gets you into a makeup rut and you don’t enjoy the routine anymore, so it’s good to try something new. For 2014, I want to try a red lip. I am a no-lipstick kind of girl to begin with, so saying this is like learning how to run before you walk. Maybe I can try something with less pigmentation like a Revlon lip butter or a Maybelline Whispers? If you girls have any suggestions please let me know. ^^

2. Clean my vanity once a month
This year I actually did a deep clean with my drawers and all the organizers I had in there and it felt really good. To wipe everything down with some disinfectant wipes, it really takes dedication to be focused on this as it’s a very tedious task to do but in the end it’s worth it. This year I want to do so once a month.

3. Clean my makeup brushes weekly
Can you see a pattern here? Lol. Yes I admit that I’ve been lazy last year with the cleaning, but after learning how to wash my brushes without having to buy ridiculously expensive makeup brush cleansers, it’s been a breeze so far. Before writing this blog post, I actually washed all my brushes on the first day of the first year! On a roll here 😀

That’s about it, girls! My top three beauty resolutions for 2014. I’d love to know what YOUR resolutions are 😀


3 thoughts on “2014 Beauty Resolutions

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    • I know right? I think I only cleaned it that one time that I mentioned in my post. Now that we talk about it, I wonder why it never got cleaned more often… hmm……. gross indeed 😛

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