MBC Drama Awards 2013 — bring the boys out!

Aww… Sweet Joowon channeling the Lee Kang To (his character in Bridal Mask) look for the awards show. I’ve always liked him with his hair up rather than with bangs. It makes him look dapper and gentlemanly. Those dimples will always bring out the boyish side of him and he’s a cutie when you throw in a bow tie. Joowon picked up the Male Excellence Award for his performance in Level 7 Civil Servant. While the writing makes the drama one of the most ridiculous dramas in history, Joowon doesn’t fail to shine in his first romantic comedy drama.

Hush, hush. I acknowledge my obsession with 2 Days 1 Night maknaes…
Emperor Seung Gi is here! Putting him in a suit makes us momentarily forget about heodang Seung Gi. He’s suffered a long (I mean looooong) period of bad haircuts and I’m glad that this current one that he has looks good. Did he fire his hairstylist? Maybe the next one on the chopping block should be his wardrobe stylist.

Lee Seung Gi bagged three awards: Male Best Excellence Award, Popularity Award and Best Couple with Bae Suzy.

Tell me again how different is Joowon’s Excellence Award and Seung Gi’s Best Excellence Award? Does it mean that Seung Gi got an A+ while Joowon got an A?

I watched this for the cute interaction between Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi but left with a big smile on my face when I see Lee Seung Gi and Joo Won in the same shot. Don’t forget Kim Jae Won too. Aww… This combination will never ever happen in a Korean drama. If only it will… Maybe they should do a huge production with all these famous actors like they would do in Hong Kong dramas… Casting directors, do you hear me? *Grins*

My grandma called me yesterday saying that someone has broken into her house and stole her drapes. Joo Ji Hoon struts his way to present an award with co-star Jung Ryeo Won on his arm. His hair is perfect for him, I have to say. His wardrobe choice? Let’s just say he is wearing lots of confidence. If anyone spots my grandmama’s drapes, drop a comment. She wants her drapes back.

Kim Won! I mean, Choi Jin Hyuk! I miss his hair in Heirs. He looks so awkward and unsure of himself at the press photo booth. Poor boy probably needs a pretty girl on his arm to calm his nerves.

I feel a little bad not including an idol group member in this round up. This is Shinee’s Minho for you.

Did you notice a common theme for all the boys mentioned above? Their all wearing bow ties! Guys out there, I hope you got the memo. Bow tie is the way to go to welcome the new year.


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