2013 Year in Review

Les Trois Cordonniers in 2013 summed up in a photo

Wow, I can’t believe 2013 has come and (almost) gone! This year has been such an exciting year for us, both personally and blogging wise. Our little blog will be turning one next month, and I’m quite proud to say that we’ve hit the one year mark. To end our first year of blogging, I’ll summarize our most popular posts arranged by Author and then Category. Thanks for tuning in and reading, guys! Here’s to another exciting journey in 2014 =)

As an addict to chick flick shows and a foodie, most of my posts this year has gone to American TV and  Restaurant Review posts. I did have a lot of fun writing up recaps of Pretty Little Liars, but I gave up recapping Ravenswood as the cast and plot was all over the place and I didn’t really know how to recap it. Lol. Mushroom is more of the Asian entertainment writer, but I do watch some Hello Baby and my goal for next year is to jump on recapping some Hello Baby episodes. Favourite series so far is with the boys of MBLAQ. *dreamy sigh*

American TV

Daryl Dixon, Pretty Little Liars (Episode 401, 402, 405, Girls), and Ravenswood (The Main 5) posts were all very popular this year. I wrote that Daryl Dixon piece right after the episode when he had to kill his own brother and I was crying buckets. What amazing acting. Or should I say, what an amazing bod? Mmmmm, mmmm. I had to watch three full seasons in a week’s time (which I did when I was down with the terrible flu) to catch up to the current aired season for up-to-date recaps. It was quite a feat as doing a PLL marathon WILL make you paranoid and make you think someone is sneaking around your closet taking sneak videos of you changing. (Shrug) You have to watch the show to understand me LoL. To be honest, I quit recapping Ravenswood as I stopped watching it. It was too much and I didn’t understand the plot, even if Caleb Rivers was in the show.

Restaurant Review

I am quite the foodie and am interested in going to far distances for something yummy. However, because of my adventurous state there are some bad experiences over the years and I’m glad I’ve recorded some of them down so I know what to avoid next time. Here are the good: Sushi Garden, Milestone Bar & Grill (Robson), and ACME. And the award for bad service goes to Penang Delight Cafe. Breaks my heart to give this award to something of my heritage but I was just so unhappy with the service that day, that I will not go back again.

They say you should spend a third of your time of the day in bed sleeping and snoring (optional) away. I feel like I spend the other third of my day plopped in front of the TV. Mathematically speaking it doesn’t work out to that many hours but it sure does feel that long. I love my TV and I think I should have gone into the entertainment business. No, not as someone in the spotlight but someone working behind the scenes in fashion, writing or the like.

As Little Sheepy has mentioned, I am more of the Asian entertainment and fashion blogger but I do watch quite a bit of American TV (probably even more than Little Sheepy) and if I see something interesting on TV, I would mention it in my weekly wrap up posts. I started off with recapping We Got Married but decided to stop as I am slowly losing interest in the show. My posts have now evolved into writing about fashion in K-dramas or any other interesting happenings in the drama. Kdramaland has blessed me with fashionable drama series so far and our readers better pray for a good drama year to come fashion-wise. I hope they don’t all go girl next door and dirt poor boy for the next year. LOL!

It has been a fantastic 11-months working on the blog and I hope we’ll have an awesome year to come.


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