Babysitting 101: How to get Min Yul off the ground

Cute little Min Yul refuses to get up. He’s fascinated by something on the ground and is stubbornly squatting down to poke at the ground. What should you do?

Lee Jong Hyuk’s solution

Jong Hyuk pulls Min Yul up with his hood and puts a foot under his bum and lifts him up. Min Yul gets up but the moment Jong Hyuk relaxes, Min Yul sits back down. Repeat this a couple of time and Min Yul thinks it’s a game. HASHTAG FAIL! #FAIL.

Yoon Min Soo’s solution

*Watches Min Yul having a good time*
Min Soo inches closer and grasps Min Yul’s legs and pick the little guy up as is. Problem solved!

Keep watching Dad, Where Are You Going? for more cute antics. Screenshots from episode 47.


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