Favourite YouTubers of 2013!

Since my terrible addiction with YouTube started, I barely watch anything on the television. In the beginning I would only visit YT once or twice a week (yes, I had very good self control (back then)). Then I learned how to subscribe to channels that I deemed interesting, and then the rest is history. I hope you find this interesting, and maybe list a few channels that you would recommend for this addict to watch too! ^_^

1. GAMING CHANNELS (Let’s Players) I’m still trying to establish my own identity as a gamer but I don’t have the time anymore to sit for hours on end playing a single game! ): What I do like however, is having some kind of background noise while I do work at home and sometimes I just like the quirkiness of Lets Players. First mention goes to BdoubleO100 🙂

One of my favourite MineCraft LPers. Funniest part in this video is when he tries to make the chicken coop at 26:00-ish mark. He’s a bit crazy at times and you’ll have to definitely turn down your volume LOL, but that makes it sooo much fun. This video is an example of how funny and crazy he his. As for most LPs, it always starts out a bit slow but if you have patience you will know why I love him so much! Well ok not love. But can I just say that his voice is damn sexy? Especially when he talks really low. *fangirls* 😀 Another LPer that I really like to watch is LifeSimmer who mainly focuses her audience on The Sims games, but she does expand to Minecraft and The Walking Dead. Her videos are quite long so it’s good if you want some kind of background noise when you work at home. 2. FITNESS GURU
Recently for the past few months I have been following Blogilates quite religiously. 

As you can see, Cassey makes it look easy and once you start, you should be determined to complete her exercise! She has some funny workouts like the Gangnam Style and Sailor Moon work out. My boyfriend laughed from start to finish when I showed him the Sailor Moon one. I love her cardio dances and it definitely works up a sweat! She has some awesome recipes that she posts too from crepes to mains to randoms. It’s like having a personal trainer in your living room, but for free!

This is a hard one! I’ve discovered a lot this year and I’ve really come to like a lot of gurus lately. To be honest there’s no REAL talent out there much but the ones that I like are the exception or funny. Who doesn’t like funny lol.

Lisa Elridge (Makeup)

I take back what I said when  I mentioned nowadays there is no REAL talent. Lisa is a celebrity makeup artist so she’s a pro, so watching a pro work is quite different from the young girls that you find on YT.  I especially like this video of hers, not because of the look but because of the “big sister” feel she has when she describes about the situation that her friend is in and even included guys’s opinions of when girls wear makeup. She gives good tips on how to cover up your puffy eyes in a chatty way. I love watching her pinup looks and she’s also experimented on darker skin tones on her channel which is a nice variety. Other mentions I like are: Leighannsays (makeup), Wendy’s Lookbook (fashion)

This one is easy. May I introduce to you Laura in the Kitchen?

Laura is an Italian chef who makes difficult recipes look EASY! I’ve already made quite a few recipes from her channel which has received great feedback from friends and family. Recipes are listed on her blog though so that’s a little bit inconvenient.

I like Bubs not for her makeup videos but for her insane vlogs!

What a pretty thumbnail to choose for your video eh.. but that’s what keeps me coming back! Her weirdness and daily life in Hong Kong recently made me re-subscribe to her vlog channel (I’m not subscribed to her beauty channel though). I like Lindy because even after marriage when people expect you to grow up and mature, she still… um….. keeps to her craziness XD She also keeps it up-to-date so it’s like a daily television program lol. 😀 I’m still trying to find lifestyle vloggers that are consistent with content, so if you have any suggestions please let me know below!

Who are YOUR favourite Youtubers? I’d love to know ❤

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