Holiday Traditions

I’ll admit it: my family is pretty conservative as far as traditions are concerned. I’m sort of cut off from the traditions that I see other people in the world celebrate. My family does not celebrate traditions like Black Friday, Christmas, even Thanksgiving!!! I feel so jealous sometimes because on social media platforms, I always see friends travel to their motherland to celebrate these events with their families that live far away. And not to mention the amazing FOOD that they eat! 😥 My American friends really know how to eat well on Thanksgiving XD.


I would like to live more of a contemporary lifestyle after marriage (and if we have kids. That’s a very big ‘if’ though XD). To me, it’s great to live a little bit conservative, but living and enjoying life is also a biggie to me too. Here are the following mainstream traditions I would like to include in my married life:

1. Advent Calendars
Advent calendars are something of fun and it shows the person that you really know what they like/want. It can also impress them with how quirky you really are! Some fun ideas if you aren’t into materialism, is writing “chore coupons” in the little days. For example, Day 1, you’ll fold their laundry for them. Day 2, you’ll cook them a three course dinner and so on! I probably will do this next year, and include some chores I absolutely hate doing (vacuum, scrub counters).

2. Christmas Movies
My family is not a big into seeing movies. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t watch movies – have you guys been reading my movie reviews? 🙂 Every December, I’d love to curl up with my other half and some hot chocolate by the fireplace with a good Christmas movie to set the holiday spirit.

3. Christmas Dinner!
I’d love to be able to host a dinner when two sides of our families can come together and eat. My boyfriend and I have been together for a long time but yet our families don’t really hang out together. I love cooking, and I would love to be able to show off my skills! Well, not that I’m an exquisite celebrity chef a la Gordon Ramsay, but you know what I mean. 🙂

What are the holiday traditions that your family celebrates? I’d love to learn more about traditions from around the world 🙂


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