Get the Look: Rachel in Heirs Episode 13



You can almost always spot Rachel wearing the same silhouette. She is always in a long sleeved top and a fit and flare skirt. We’ll borrow that silhouette and talk about the different material and details that can change up the look.

Pick out different fabrics or details in a top. Pick something lacey, embroided, flowy chiffon or something comfy like a jersey top with a bold pattern.
1. Lace top, H&M, $99
2. Blouse with beaded embroidery, H&M, $59.95
3. Jersey too, H&M, $14.95
4. Chiffon top, H&M, $69.95

Play around with lace, faux leather, bold metallic or colourful print in a fit and flare skirt.
1. Romantic floral lace skirt, Forever 21, $21.80
2. Futuristic Metallic skater skirt, Forever 21, $15.80
3. Cool girl faux leather skater skirt, Forever 21, $12.80
4. Spot-on leopard pleated skirt, Forever 21, $21.80

“Who do you think you are taking my style as reference?”

Product information and CAD prices are from the respective brand’s websites


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