Friday Five: Beauty Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started Experiementing With Makeup

1. Blend, Blend, Blend!
After layering on eyeshadow, grab a (preferably clean) eyeshadow brush and blend away. Just when you think you’ve done enough blending, keep blending for 10 more seconds. This will marry colours together and soften harsh lines.

2. Eyeshadow gives you depth, eyeliner gives you definition
I recall the days where I layered on dark eyeshadow expecting definition. I got not-so-flattering panda eyes instead. Apply dark shadow on your crease to create depth. Eyeliner will give you definition, especially with the popular cat eye.

3. When in a rush, eyeliner should be top priority, not mascara
Mascara creates dimension and helps quite a bit definition. However, when you have 2 minutes for one makeup product, it maybe wiser to grab the eyeliner and draw two lines for more dramatic definition.

4. Training wheels for eyeliners? I think gel liners are easier to work with
Crayons and pencils are for preschoolers. Don’t let those eyeliner pencils and crayons fool you. There may not be the best things to start with because the go on like crayon and pencil. What does that mean? You get frustrating gaps of uncoloured eyelid peeking through. The stress of learning how to apply the perfect eyeliner shape is huge enough and you do not need an additional worry about colour not turning out. Eyeliner gels give you more control with an angled brush and colour goes on smoothly with one stroke.

5. Looking pale and tired? Grab a bright lipstick instead of layering on blush
Lipstick takes 30 seconds to slap on for some colour. If you make a mistake, wipe off with a tissue paper and start over. Blush takes more work and can get too intense if you are trying desperately to achieve pink rosy cheeks. If you make a mistake, it will be a pain to start over as your foundation will be compromised.


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