Hong Kong 2014: Sight Seeing List (Poll at the end of post)

Next up, I want to keep a list of places and a way to keep track of our vague itinerary. My bf and his brother are very easy going type of guys and I’m afraid that an itinerary will feel like they’re being tied down, but I’d like to have some kind of bone structure to our trip as we’ll be out there for a while!


Places I Want to go!

1. Ocean Park
This isn’t really on my “have to” list, but I heard there were pandas in Ocean Park and I’d probably cry of happiness and roll around on the same grass they are on when/if I do visit. There’s park rides and such, and I hope it’s bigger than the amusement park we have here in my hometown. There’s also a restaurant with an aquarium feel that I really want to see! Oh, I’m in such a rut. Maybe if my boyfriend’s relatives want to take us to Ocean Park I will gladly go with them.

2. Times Square
Now this, my friends, is a place I REALLY want to go! If this isn’t the shopaholic in me, I don’t know what is! Not only do I want to go to Times Square because it’s a Hong Kong landmark, I want to visit Samantha Thavasa and Peach John =^.^= Both are Japanese brands that I’ve been eyeing over the years in Japanese magazines, and to actually see them in the flesh, *fangirls*. I actually don’t do a whole lot of shopping here because things are too insanely inflated (Asian cosmetics and fashion), so I only go crazy when I’m overseas. I’ve always wanted to go to a Times Square during the New Year just for the experience. True story: I just met someone while playing badminton and he was telling me how he was doing that this year, and I totally fangirled over him. It was so embarrassing since I didn’t know him at all!

3. International Commerce Centre (Mainly for Sky100 Observation Deck)
Although I hate heights, I am in awe of amazing skyscrapers and want to brave being at bird level. Wait, what does bird level mean???? Yea… that’s Littlesheepy vocabulary for you, hahahaha. I once worked on the 20th floor of a building in downtown overlooking the harbour and I got used to the dizzy feeling. Clients used to joke if we ever feel scared looking down at the waters, but truth be told, you’re way too busy to be lingering by the windows at your desk. (work life….. !)

We will be visiting Macau to see my boyfriend’s grandma 🙂 I am extremely nervous as I have never met any boyfriends in the past extended family in their motherland other than their immediate family here. Will our cultures clash? I do speak Cantonese but I am born in a Western culture and have lived in a Western culture for 20 some odd years. I am not familiar with Macau so I will let them lead the way, but I heard their almond cookies and Portuguese egg tarts are Macau’s specialties, so I MUST try. I also have seen pictures of the Venetian there and I so want to go! I also want to visit the University of Macau and take obligatory touristy pictures. Don’t blame me lol :p

So far, that’s it.  I will continue to post updated Places to Go posts as the days go by!! 😀


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