Hong Kong 2014: Trip Planning!

I’ve been a bit MIA, but that’s because I’ve been busy planning my Hong Kong trip! Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to travel the world with my boyfriend. Next year, in January, my boyfriend, his brother and I are taking Hong Kong by storm for a month and I want to fit everything that I want to do plus MORE! I’ve decided to put my planning on my blog so I can keep things in order instead of random papers everywhere lol.


Planning for Oversea Vacation

Keeping a budget. This trip is mostly self-paid for so I have to keep my budgeting pretty wisely. The categories I’ve put in my Hong Kong in my budget notebook are: Food, Transportation, Entertainment, Sight Seeing, Shopping (Gifts, Personal). I am planning to bring this spiral bound notebook with me (it’s a tiny little notebook, about a quarter of a size of a regular 8.5 x 11 in page), and will calculate all my expenses at the end of the day. Especially for a really long trip, it’s smart to see in about two-three days how much in average you are spending, so you’ll know if you’ve brought over sufficient cash.

Food – It might be a good idea to write down what you ate with each receipt (always ask for one for your records), so if you get gastrointestinal problems you could look back to what you ate. Think about writing a food diary at the end of the day! Eating things that your stomach is not used to will definitely cause some sort of discomfort. I almost went to the hospital when I was in Taiwan because I kept eating street food (but it was sooo good! I couldn’t stop LOL).

Transportation – It’s definitely easier to travel around a city with a group , so the travel expenses can be split up (think taxi). We are planning to take the MTR and bus because it’s cheaper and not to mention convenient. It helps that my boyfriend and his brother have roots in HK so we won’t be cheated by taxi drivers “pretending” to get lost.

Entertainment – I definitely want to see movies in HK theatres!!! XD Although I won’t understand what they’re saying (OK, maybe a word here or there lol) but it would be so awesome. I also want to go to concerts but havent researched who or what’s going on when we’re there so by the time I do go to the box office in Hong Kong, it’d probably be all sold out. Meh lol.

Sight Seeing – This will be dedicated to another blog post XD

Shopping – This will also be dedicated to another blog post =D

So far,we haven’t been doing REAL breakdown of our trip right now as it’s still in the early stages and we have family we want to visit there, but at least the initial planning has begun. A month away from home is quite an exciting thing, especially meeting your significant other’s entire family back home.  I am planning on bringing back a lot! Buying Asian cosmetics here in Canada is not cheap (the cost of importing plus the inflated prices), so once I’m there I will stock up. More posts to look forward to in this Travel 2014 series!


5 thoughts on “Hong Kong 2014: Trip Planning!

    • Hi! I already told my boyfriend that I really want to go to Ocean Park! He already went when he went back last year (without me, I know! lol) but I stood my ground XD hahaha! I think planning is half the fun of the entire experience! Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll be sure to fit some in our plans!

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