This Week’s Wrap Up: Nov 25-Dec 1

Marry Him If You Dare
This is a romance drama with no romance. Everybody has a crush on everybody but nobody is getting together. How tiring.

Ajumma finds out that her meddling in her past does nothing to change her future but it creates a new future. Heck, this is getting more and more confusing. So… there are different universes based on the different choices people would make? Now we need Sheldon Cooper to break this down.

I want to pick out the biggest mystery in the drama. Ajumma came from the future with a hand held black leather-like overnight bag. How did she manage to fit in all those fashionable clothes and hats that she had been wearing? Maybe clothes from the future can be shrunk and expanded as you like? Haha. Maybe she’s brought cash from the future and went shopping? Never mind.


Episode 15 is all about the bromance no matter how much Young Do and Tan tries to frame it as an opportunity to owe another a favour. I am rooting for Young Do and Kim Tan more than I am for Kim Tan and Eun Sang. Is that wrong? Their frenemy-ship runs too deep. The worried looks that they give each other when their respective father and brother arrive at school for a meeting with the principal shows how much they get each other. Bromance FTW.

Battle of the bodyguards. Remember the elementary school fights you had with your friends or enemies? Those about whose father is best? This is a more, uh, sophisticated version. Young Do verifies the number of bodyguards at Kim Tan’s through Eun Sang’s help. He then rocks up to Kim Tan’s announcing that he is the heir of Hotel Zeus with bodyguards in tow that outnumbers the Kim residence’s.

Mama Eun Sang shaves some pencil lead and blows the lead dust on the keypad of the safe to figure out the combination. She needs to work for CSI. Love this actress! She was the rich aunt in the Master’s Sun and now she plays a housekeeper.

Eun Sang: Thank you for being my dark knight.
Kim Woobin: Who is your dark knight? If I am your black knight, is Kim Tan your prince on a white horse? I have a paler face.

You need to understand Korean or Chinese to fully appreciate the humour of these lines.

Everybody loves Lee Minho and Kim Woobin
Our fashion posts featuring Lee Minho and Kim Woobin are doing well! Everybody wants a piece of these boys, huh?

Christmas with DBSK

Joowon everywhere… Who’s complaining? *Grins*

Videos credits to uploader

D’aww! Did you see the cute baby in the Thanksgiving episode? Adorable! Though I have to say that it is easy to tell between cuts when they actually have the real baby and when they are acting with a dummy. I think dummies should be the same weight as the real baby. They were swinging around the dummy like nobody’s business but handling the real baby with care.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Sarah Sidle: Who’s Beyonce?

My favourite performance of the night

Video credits to uploader


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