This Week’s Wrap Up: Nov 18-24

Lee Seunggi spotted filming Running Man

I’m starting to miss him! I didn’t watch Gu Family Book because of Suzy (I’m gonna get lots of backlash for this). He’s dropped out of 2 Days 1 Night for almost 2 years now so I don’t get my dose of heodang Seunggi or the Seunggi that aces all quizzes. This is why an episode (or two… Please?) of Running Man with Lee Seunggi will make me incredibly happy. I hope he keeps his endless chatter like the last time he appeared on the show. Doesn’t the picture above remind you of Seunggi impersonating Na PD on an old episode of 2 Days 1 Night? That iconic yellow jacket…

He’s coming back to variety with Noona over Flowers which is pretty much like 2 Days 1 Night with older female actresses. I’d rather watch guys being all competitive and trying to take out each other than women in a cat fight. Maybe Noona over Flowers is not for me?

Secrets are revealed left, right and center. There are threats everywhere to expose dirty little secrets. However, once the blackmailed announces their secret loud and clear it leaves the blackmailers with no pieces left on the board. Eun Sang does not hide the fact that she is in the Social Care Group. The unveiling of her secret is made easy as Kim Tan shows that he is aware of that and proceeds to plant a kiss on her forehead in front of their peers. Talk about cliche PDA.

Rachel is left fuming and hurt. I think she likes Kim Tan more than what she expresses. She has been hiding behind the fact that her engagement to Kim Tan is a business deal and constantly using it as a threat to get Kim Tan to respond to her. Deep inside, she probably wants more in the relationship. She has a pitiful story but I find it hard to sympathize with her because she is a huge b*tch.

Marry Him If You Dare
There is not much progress in terms of the romance. Our love triangle is still a love triangle and I wouldn’t consider it a love square. Yoo Kyung always seem the girl that is left crying on the side while watching the whole drama unfold. Her thing with Kim Shin was quickly abandoned after she declares to Mirae that she wants both guys in her grasp. They don’t even talk to each other in recent episodes.

The minor changes is that Kim Shin is now avoiding young Mirae while she is trying to get close to him. Ajumma Mirae reveals that the Kim Shin and Mirae’s child died in an accident. Kim Shin believes that it is not the only reason why ajumma wants to stop them from getting married. Why didn’t she just turn back time to save the child’s life? She admits that it isn’t the entire reason…. Then the show cuts to a different scene leaving us out of the conversation and why they cannot end up together. This secret is getting old. She needs to spit it out and let them work out the romance!


Booth: Oh, wow! Look at this. Yogurt drink box. All natural flavouring.
Bones: What does that mean? Cat urine can be a natural flavouring.


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