Is We Got Married Scripted?


We Got Married was recently caught up in a ‘controversy’ for being scripted. I thought this was a well-known fact!

It’s no secret that the trips that they take and activities that they do are planned and well, scripted. Heck, we’ve even seen that whiteboard in the MBC We Got Married office where it is filled with plans for all couples for the next months. If it is left entirely to the participants on the show, they would probably have trouble filling the allotted airtime especially now that we have two pairs of rather boring people. You know who they are. This is when location and activities fill up almost the entire 20 minutes of the show. The bickering couple, Yumi and Joon Young, would probably be able to get something done that is worth 20 minutes of airtime. That again is assuming Joon Young can refrain from gaming the entire time.

I am not surprised if staff members nudge them into a particular direction or response. They know what will make the show and what would be edited out. Doesn’t it seem surprising when Naeun drastically opens up to Taemin and also is more vocal about her ‘feelings’ for him? In the interview she says that she wants to make her feelings known because Taemin always has announced his ‘love’ for her. It is also easy to imagine something else going on… It could be this:

Staff member: You two are getting boring. Our ratings are slipping. Do something to step things up! You! Scream your love for her at every passerby you see. And you! Say you love him too.

The question should not be “is We Got Married scripted?” rather it should be “how much of it is scripted?”


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