Get the Look… Not? Lee Minho’s Shocking Sweaters in Heirs Episode 5

Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) traded his laid back tank tops and surf shorts for shocking sweaters when he returns to Korea. Is this what typical chaebols do? Tsk tsk to the stylist that put him in these tops. The following are a few of his looks, not in order of ridiculousness.

Here we have a white sweater with big colourful prints. No matter how much hotness he exudes wearing those shades or how much aegyo he musters in that selfie, there is no way to hide how hideous the sweater is.


Culprit number 2 is this shiny metallic gold sweater. Eep! This golden top takes the cake for ridiculousness. On Lee Min Ho, it reminds me of a gold statue though… *grins* It will look fine on a girl but seems a bit much for men’s fashion.

Flower power, oh yeah! Coupled with those neony mustardy yellow pants it is enough to make people see stars. Is his stylist on acid?

Special mention: black and white flowery pattern shirt under that black sweater.

No matter how insane those sweaters are, there is one thing that doesn’t change: Lee Min Ho looks good in anything. You can put the boy in a potato sack and he is going to rock that.

Heirs episode 5


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