This Week’s Wrap Up: Nov 4-10


Marry Him If You Dare
I have to admit that I forgot what happened in this episode! My bad for writing this column five days after seeing the drama. But then again, does this mean that it’s a forgettable episode? Young Mirae and Kim Shin are sent on assignment to a haunted house for a special segment for the new show their team is producing. Ajumma Mirae ain’t too happy about having them alone together as she recalls that real feelings developed when she and Kim Shin were alone together. Too late, ajumma, because young Mirae is already falling head over heels in love with Kim Shin. From the preview, it seems that ajumma Mirae will be recruiting oppa onto the anti-Kim Shin team.

I want her to end up with Park Sae Joo. Never argue with your future self! It’s the first time I’m rooting for the second male lead in a drama. Good job, Jung Yonghwa and Mr. or Ms. Writer!

Medical Top Team
mtt04017I’m officially over that drama!  It drags on forever and pales in comparison to Good Doctor in every aspect from comedic timing, to heartwarming scenes and characters I care about.  There is one thing that these two dramas share that I totally hate: boring and perhaps slightly irrelevant political play in hospital management.

Sorry, Jung Ryeo Won.  I dropped another one of your dramas.  You and me never seem to work out.  Pick a better project next time, I’ll see you then.


20131105-153927.jpgEpisode 1 was nice, cute and breezy.  I will definitely continue watching this one.  Lots of things do not make any sense but I’m here for the fluff so I don’t mind the silliness.  This drama is also an awesome one to watch for the awesome wardrobe.  Guys in expensive clothing driving even more expensive cars and girls all dolled up in designer dresses, shoes and accessories.  Of course, the female lead will always be spared from all the glitz and glamour.  Poor Park Shin Hye.  If I were a Korean drama actress, I’d rather be the dolled up second female lead that the whole K-drama community hates than the girl in rags main lead that people love.  *Shrugs*

The Italians are coming!
I enjoyed this scandalous Fiat L ad that was on TV this past Monday night.

Hope mama bear and baby bear are wearing the same shade of lipstick.  Oops!

Sorry for the incredibly short weekly wrap up. Not one English language TV series stood out for me this week.


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