Ravenswood Episode 2: Death and the Maiden

The spin-off show started when Caleb Rivers hopped off the bus to Ravenswood to help his girlfriend Hanna Marin (PLL), but when he stays to help Miranda Collins find her uncle he stumbles upon their two graves (I’d book it right then and there if I were in his shoes!). Caleb is shocked but wants answers, so he vows to stay until he gets them. This show is a bit like Pretty Little Liars (mysteries, pretty girls and hot guys), but it’s a LOT creepier as they’re dealing with spirits and things. I don’t know if I like it, but it’s caught my attention. Let’s move forward to the first episode’s highlights:

The Accident

 They say Ravenswood is cursed and the five kids are starting to believe it. Remy was driving Miranda, Caleb, Luke and Olivia after the Halloween Parade (possibly to drive them home?) and Miranda sees a figure on the road which she then swerves the wheel. This kills her, and thus starts the mysterious “theory” which Remy figures out (more on this later). 

Olivia and Luke


Luke went snooping and found a letter their dad wrote to their mom before he died. The mystery of who killed his father will be forever a burden and everyone is a suspect, including someone in his own family. He thinks that their mother was cheating on their dad, and Olivia wants no part whatsoever in this theory that she tears the letter in front of her brother’s face. However, later on she tries approaching her mom and asked her if there really was anyone else, which she cannot answer back. Olivia storms off with her brother eavesdropping off by the stairwell, and this sketchy behavior really makes their mom seem guilty.

Olivia and Tess


At first glance, Tess seems to be the bestest (yes I said bestest lol) friend any girl could ask for. She seems very loyal, upbringing and will back you up, but like I mentioned in my Ravenswood 101 post, I think Tess is the kind of friend that feeds off your failures to be her wins. She also keeps secrets from Olivia and is dating the guy that hates her family and this of course upsets Olivia. Olivia was elected Homecoming Queen in which she rejects the crown and gives it to Tess and Tess wears it with a smirk in the reflection. Personally, I had a friend like her before too, who was always getting “puffed up” on my failures but eventually I saw the light and now I stay far away. I hope Olivia does too.

Caleb and Remy


We know that Remy is Luke’s girlfriend, so I believe that Luke would be very upset when he finds out that his girlfriend is spending a LOT of time with a new out-of-towner (Caleb) that she barely knows. Caleb seems to bring trouble for Remy whenever they hang out, and when she leads him to the junkyard to find Miranda’s bag in her car, they get chased by a German Shepard-type large, aggressive dog. Remy trips when the two try to climb back over the fence, but Luke goes to her rescue and distracts the large dog by attacking it with his jacket. That was a very heroic act! My heart was thumping sooo fast during this scene.

Caleb and Miranda


Wtf is Miranda doing in Caleb’s room in her uncle’s mansion?! He reads her mother’s letter and that brings her spirit back. He makes a big deal about it because hello, he’s talking to Miranda like she’s a real person! Miranda seems desperate and asks Caleb if she can stay with him and he agrees. The last scene ends with him asking Miranda who was that figure they saw on the road, but she doesn’t know. All Miranda knows is that it’s waiting for all of them to…to what? To die? That’s what we’ll find out I guess in future episodes of Ravenswood!

My Thoughts:

I don’t really know what I feel about this show… it’s a lot going on in one episode. I guess it’s because there’s a whole new cast, family dynamics to pick up on, and background stories to learn that it’s a bit much right now. I do enjoy their acting but I feel that the filming and editing style is too similar to Pretty Little Liars except that the scenes have a weird blue Instagram filter to it. I don’t have big expectations for this show and it gives me even more of a headache than PLL does lol. We shall see.


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