Get the Look: Jung Yumi’s Nails WGM191

How about a simple nail project for the week?  Let’s take some pointers from Jung Yumi’s simple manicure.

Photo 10-30-2013, 2 53 18 PMAll you need is black, grey and silver shiny nail polish!  The order of colours Jung Yumi has on from left pinkie to right pinkie is silver, black, black, grey, grey, silver, black, grey, grey and black.  But who cares if you jumble up the order?

Some suggestions of colour combinations from the new Formula X nail polishes for Sephora:

Photo 10-30-2013, 3 21 52 PMClockwise: Dark Matter, Need for Speed, Fearless

gtl017Inspired?  Try other colours!

Photo 10-30-2013, 3 22 33 PM

Clockwise: Here Comes The Sun, Bond Ionic Bond, Incandescent

Photo 10-30-2013, 3 23 16 PM

Clockwise: Enigma, Mr. Positivity, High Frequency

Photo 10-30-2013, 3 24 00 PM

Clockwise: Brainchild, Big Bang, Outrageous


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