Ravenswood 101: The Main 5 (Photo Heavy!)

Calling all Pretty Little Liars addicts, here’s a spin-off fro Rosewood in PLL that explains more of the background story. I know it sounds a bit weird but that’s where PLL left off for the Halloween episode (recap here)  when Hanna asked Caleb to look after Miranda who was trying to find her only living relative in Ravenswood. Confused? Me too, but let’s move on!

First of all, can we please gush at how awesomely cool Ravenswood’s opening looks?! I AM SO EXCITED ALREADY.


The show’s synopsis describes it as “5 strangers are connected by the curse that has plagued Ravenswood for generations”. Let’s take a look at our 5 characters. And does anyone notice in the opening graphics, the “S” in Ravenswood is a number 5?

Caleb Rivers


Oh my gosh, I don’t think I’ve seen Caleb this emotional ever, even with Hanna Marin in Pretty Little Liars.  Caleb is one of the “5 strangers” connected to the curse, and he happens to be the lucky one that met Miranda in the bus to Ravenswood when he was on his way to save his lady love. He seems to find himself trouble everywhere he goes in Ravenswood (cue junkyard), so I think it’s best if he left town right after Miranda’s funeral. But it may be too late 😦

Miranda Collins


The mysterious Miranda has more mysteries than Caleb actually knows. She’s the “runaway child” that connects with Caleb. We don’t know much about her since Caleb’s only known her for “two days” in episode time. All we know is that she’s looking for an uncle that lives in a haunted mansion in Ravenswood that does weird stuff for business (he collects coffins for some strange reason). I usually don’t like the additional characters that PLL casts (sometimes I think they try too hard to be “creepy” lol) but I actually like Miranda’s character. Quiet and weird, but chirpy. Well, chirpy as one can be with a really strange family history.

Luke Matheson


 Oooh la la. What a heart throb (I never used that word since the Backstreet Boys days, so you KNOW he’s a heart throb XD)! Luke is the oldest son of Ravenswood’s ex-mayor (ex because someone murdered him). In my opinion, I think Luke is the kind of big brother all brothers should be: PROTECTIVE! But Luke might be overprotective of his sister Olivia, which drives her crazy lol. The death of his father is always on Luke’s mind and its always going to be a mystery that he’ll try to solve until his own death. I think he is a real family man, and that really tears at my heart strings when people try to hurt him. I’ll stop here before this post turns into a Luke essay 😀

Olivia Matheson


Little sister of Luke Matheson. Olivia is the popular girl in high school and is also very protective of her mother who is a single parent after her dad’s murder. She has a best friend (not sure of name lol) that seems to be very loyal to Olivia but I THINK that the best friend is secretly jealous of all the attention Olivia always gets and is waiting in the shadows for when she fails.



Girlfriend of Luke Matheson, which makes her a lucky, lucky girl. Remy’s the quirky girl of the bunch: weird, but very smart and reserved. In my opinion I believe she really wants to help more but to make her boyfriend happy she backs off a bit. Remy has uber protective parents and has sleepwalking issues. When I first saw her big ‘fro, I wasn’t feeling it but later on in the first episode it really added to her character! She is really different from what you would think of a “perfect girlfriend” for the mayor’s son. But really, who is actually REALLY perfect? I loved her makeup in this scene when Caleb asks her for help. The deep berry lip colour really does wonders for her warm skin tone.

Which character do you guys like the most (other than the boys, duh! lol)? For me, it’d have to be Olivia as I trust too easily and get backstabbed a lot (in the past, lol). But I’m sure as the episode goes on Olivia’s eyes will open and see the world with a telescope moreso than with a microscope. I’m actually really enjoying the series a lot, and I hope you’ll look forward to recaps on Les Cordonniers! ^_^


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