Kdramaland and Bad Perms

I have been watching Marry Him If You Dare and Mirae’s crazy perm got me thinking about other bad perms in Korean dramas. I figured that I might as well pick up my long abandoned Kdramaland series.

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Characters that have bad perms seem to also have a personality that is reflected by their hair: unruly and uncontrollable.  Men and women of Kdramaland seem to suffer equally from the bad perm.

Yoon Eun Hye in Marry Him If You Dare (2013)


Hwang Jung Eum in Full House 2 (2012)

But since we’re on Full House 2 a.k.a. house filled with bad hairstyles, let’s not leave Noh Min Woo out of this post.  He’s a pretty boy that suffered the abuse of bad hair.  He’s still cute though.



Kim Jung Eun in Lovers in Paris (2004)

Before Jung Eum, Jung Eun suffered the same problem with bad hair.  I know, their names are confusing.  Now looking back at the drama, her perm doesn’t seem too bad.  I remember seeing clips of this drama back in the days it was airing and thought it was a terrible perm.


Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Oh, the curls that made Korean drama fans swoon.  I find it amazing how he still manages to look dashing with those crazy curls.


Lee Si Young in Wild Romance (2012)


Oh Ji Ho in The Queen of Office (2013)


Can you think of any other bad perms in Korean dramas?


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