This Week’s Wrap-Up: Oct 28-Nov 3


Marry Him If You Dare
At the start of episode 5, Mirae has a difficult choice to make: should she go on a date with Kim Shin or Park Sae Joo? She was in the middle of a coversation with Ajumma Mirae when Kim Shin and Park Sae Joo calls her for a date. Well, not quite, but I’d like to think of it as a date camouflaged as a concern or study date. Ajumma Mirae talks some sense into her to pick Park Sae Joo and thank goodness young Mirae listens. Or does she?

She meets Park Sae Joo at the west gate of YBS, ditching Kim Shin at the east gate. How convenient that they are at two opposite ends of the building. She asks Park Sae Joo to take her to an amusement park the next time they meet. Just when you think she’s in her right mind, she picks up a call from Kim Shin and sets up a study date. Is she trying to be a two-timing sly fox? It is just a matter of time until crap hits the fan.

Kim Shin is having problems at the broadcasting station from getting fired from his new anchor position to the potential cancellation of his morning show. Ajumma Mirae ‘predicts’ the future that Kim Shin’s career will be a flop on national television. However, guilt slowly eats her alive and decides to use her knowledge of the past (future, if you like, from young Mirae’s point of view) to help Kim Shin get back on his feet. She tells Kim Shin, young Mirae and Mirae’s older brother (who ajumma Mirae still calls oppa even though he’s in his 30s and she’s in her 60s) that there will be a fire at the station. They spend lots of time preventing the fire from happening (fails), doing damage control and being the first show to air the footage of the fire. Kim Shin’s Morning Show is saved from being axed.

Other events to note: Seo Yoo Kyung discovers that Park Sae Joo is an undercover chaebol; ajumma Mirae still has the hearts for Kim Shin despite trying to stop young Mirae from marrying him.

Trouble Maker is being a troublemaker

I finally watched the music video “Now” by Trouble Maker (Hyuna of 4 Minute and Hyun Saeng of Beast). They have managed to include all nasties in a 3 minute and 42 seconds video. Can’t say that I had a heart attack watching this because I was pretty much expecting it being this bad after reading that they are going to release a rated 19 music video. What happened to the land of squeaky clean idols? I beg them to not all turn to this direction. One or two is fine because I can pretty much ignore them but please don’t turn the K-pop scene into the land of Miley Cyruses.

It’s the week of Halloween and all TV series are not missing out on the chance to get a little spooky.

The Ellen Show Halloween show
Andy is sent to another haunted house. Watch:

Ellen dresses up as Nicki Minaj is hilarious! I want those fake boobs and butt pads! Hahaha!

Pure awesomeness this season! I don’t care much for the boys category though. They’re good, but not amazing. A little saddened that James Kenney from the Over 25s got the boot.
The deep bass voice and great harmonies of Restless Road takes the cake.

Last week’s wrap-up post


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