Medical Top Team Episode 4’s OMG WTF Scenes

mtt04005mtt04004Synchronized neck cracks and sighing
After The surgical team completes another never-ending surgery, they do synchronized neck cracks and heave synchronized sighs of relief.

mtt04006Kwon Sang Woo talking to patients when they are out cold on the surgical table
… and the other surgical staff doesn’t seem weirded out by it. Park Si On in Good Doctor does it but it is rather expected from his character because he does have a mental age of 10 and has level 3 autism. Kwon Sang Woo’s character? Not much reason to do that. Also his screaming “yes, yes, yes!” after a successful surgery seems a little forced and lacking sincerity. His lisp is cute though. Made it sound like “yesth, yesth, yesth!”

mtt04021 mtt04022Oh Yeon Seo asking Kwon Sang Woo if he knows how to fold a paper rose in front of the whole legion of doctors
Really? I would be really afraid to breathe let alone talk about trivial things in a situation like that.  What’s weirder is that Kwon Sang Woo is willing to show her how to make one.


Kwon Sang Woo smashing his face against the window of the bus
Aww… Cute!  He plays a 36 years old brilliant surgeon.  Just saying.


mtt040091. Minho is cuter than Kwon Sang Woo
He said it himself. At least his character did while Oh Yeon Seo dozes off while hiccuping.

mtt040192. Kwon Sang Woo as the origami frog prince
Cutie Eun Ba Wi points out Kwon Sang Woo’s dark circles after a whole night of surgery. He says that the paper frog took him a whole night to make. D’aww!

3. Kwon Sang Woo grossed out by the director of the orphanage
The director tries to hide himself from Kwon Sang Woo when he was making his rounds. Once Kwon Sang Woo spots him, The director of the orphanage acted all touchy feely and friendly. Seeing the director greatly affected Kwon Sang Woo. On the bus back to Kyeong Hye Hospital, we see Kwon Sang Woo thinking back to their abusive relationship when he was a little child in the orphanage. This nasty director should be sued.

4. Medical Top Team is official!
They get an inaugural ceremony to seal the deal. Kwon Sang Woo waltz in fashionably late and dorkily apologizes for being late. Also, Jung Ryeo Won is finally aboard the Top Team ship.

5. They killed off the chaebol patient! (Or not?)
OMG! Is that a bad omen for the Top Team? But is the poor patient dead? The preview looks like he may not be? Wha…?


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