Medical Top Team Episode 3’s OMG WTF Scenes

20131023-145709.jpgSurgeons take an extremely long time to scrub in for sugery

The second half of the episode felt a little draggy and dwells on the same problem for a bit too long.  We get introduced to the Top Team as they arrive to talk about some chaebol patient who is refusing treatment because he and his family thinks that American hospitals can do better.  (Ah, the typical K-drama chaebol patients!)  I still feel like this drama is trying to turn all their viewers into surgeons by giving us a bit of a lecture within each episode.  The discussion on the condition gets too long and the medical terms are giving me a headache.

Long story short, the prick chaebol patient’s mother agrees to the surgery.  Right before Kwon Sang Woo (too lazy to learn character names) goes in to operate, Jung Ryeo Won drops by with new information that changes the procedure during the surgery.  They decide to have both Jung Ryeo Won and Kwon Sang Woo to operate on the patient.  It takes them forever to change into their scrubs, though I believe Kwon Sang Woo fangirls aren’t complaining about those six packs.  All this goes on while the nurses preps the patient and Joo Ji Hoon goes into another lecture about the patient’s condition to Vice President and Chief of Thoracic.  Ack.

Is Joo Ji Hoon an operating surgeon?

It’s been three episodes and he’s not stepped into an operating room yet.  He seems to only be catwalking all around the hospital and involved in the politics and management of a team.  (He seriously has a signature walk!)  He is more of the brain character than the action guy.  I hope that his character gets to show his kick-ass skills as a surgeon while still playing a chief.  (I’m thinking Webber, Hunt and Shepherd of Grey’s Anatomy as chief and they still are kick-ass surgeons.)

Minho skipping/hopping all the way to Oh Yeon Seo’s place
It’s cute and all but it brings me to ask this question: how old is he supposed to be in the drama?


1. Introduction of Top Team

The team looks adorable together even down to the two docs who look like they’ll be the comic relief.

2.  Vice President isn’t as nice as she seems

She’s thinking of creating Royal Medical Center which will only accept high profile patients who will be treated by Top Team doctors.

3. Eun Ba Wi and Kwon Sang Woo cuteness

Kwon Sang Woo is a silly cutey with this little girl.  Their scenes are the only ones that put a smile on my face.


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