Soundtrack Favourites: Gravity 2013

I hope everyone’s having a great week so far! To start your weekend off I’ll be doing something different this post and blog about some of my favourite songs from the movie Gravity (Sandra Bullock, George Clooney). Can you guys tell I absolutely love this film? I’ve written a post about it here, all on a personal perspective instead of a movie plot overview. A

It’s lovely to know that music can create the most of a scene. Here are a few of my favourite scores from the movie:

Steven Price (Gravity 2013) – Don’t Let Go

This scene was when Dr. Kowalski was hanging dangerously from the ropes that was hanging off of the spaceship that was floating astray. He knew that the longer that both him and Dr. Stone were both dangling from it, they would be doomed for good and he made the decision to save Dr. Stone instead of himself. That scene was so touching and an act of heroism as he put the life of another person ahead of himself. 

Steven Price (Gravity 2013) – Tiangong 

Tiangong is the space staton used by the Chinese astronauts. Tiangong in Chinese means in literal translation means a palace in heaven (heaven being in space which is above Earth). Dr. Stone tries to find a way back home after being stranded in space for so long, and she tries to reach Tiangong by using a fire extinguisher as a makeshift “engine” to pull her way towards the station. I love the score and the beautiful sound which the composer has created to make it feel so dramatic and dangerous.

Steven Price (Gravity 2013) – Gravity

Ultimately the most favourite score in the entire soundtrack album for me personally. It is played when Dr. Stone, the sole survivor of the apocalypse (Dr. Kowalski dies as he tried to save Dr. Stone) finds her way into a vessel that could take her back to Earth. Throughout the journey back to Earth, she is experiencing a life or death situation with everything burning and blowing up beside her. She says, “whether or not I make it, it will be one hell of a ride.” She turns from an introverted character to one who has fought death, destruction and loss of someone so important to her and has helped her survive through the end. The “singing” part is when she takes her first step back with the full force of gravity on Earth while she awaits rescue.

I hope you guys enjoyed my rundown of my favourite scores from the soundtrack! The other ones are awesome as well, but these ones especially spoke to me~ it would definitely be amazing driving to these tracks!


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