We Got Married Episode 188

wgm188002Taemin and Naeun Key and Eunji

Yes, the title reflects my wish that Taemin and Naeun are replaced by Key and Eunji.  It’s the Chuseok episode!  Taemin and Naeun receive a mission card to meet the Shinee brother-in-laws AGAIN.  At least watching the hyperactive Shinee boys will be more interesting that these two on their own.  They decide to some songpyeon as a gift for the brother-in-laws.

Naeun suggest that they call her mother for some pointers on how to make songpyeon.  Naeun’s mother coolly says that she has no idea as she’s always purchased songpyeon and never made them.  Taemin greets his mother-in-law and she cutely calls him Lee seobang (husband) to his delight.  They exchange greetings and have small talk.

wgm188004Time to get their hands dirty for those songpyeon.  They make the songpyeon in different shapes.  Naeun makes one for Taemin in the shape of a heart.  Seeing that Naeun is getting creative with the songpyeons, Taemin decide to fill the songpyeon for the Shinee boys with wasabi.  He squirts a huge amount of wasabi onto the dough then seals it.  *evil grin*

They change into their pink matching hanboks to visit Shinee’s apartment (lion’s den).  They ring the doorbell to the lion’s den.  Minho and Key laughs at the sight of them in their hanboks.  The boys let the couple in and they take their seats on the couch in the living room complete with despicable poses.

wgm188005Taemin and Naeun bow to greet the brothers (in-laws) and both Jonghyun and Minho receives them well.  Key sits on the sofa and claps because he is “higher than everyone else”.  Taemin presents the songpyeon to the boys and Key suspects that there will be some weird stuffing in the songpyeon.  Taemin denies it but I bet all the older Shinee boys see through him.

Naeun handpicks the songpyeon for the Shinee boys to taste.  Of course, she’s picking all those that are filled with wasabi.  They bite into the songpyeon and the spiciness of the wasabi hits them.  LOL.  While they are still recovering from the wasabi the doorbell rings…

wgm188008It’s Eunji Eunji Eunji!  Another Key & Eunji episode.  Flashback to earlier, Taemin called Eunji for a favour asking her to bring a few items to Shinee’s apartment.  Eunji agrees easily.  She’s so sweet, right?

wgm188010Key turns into this shy guy all over again gulping down water after Eunji’s arrival.  Jonghyun motions for Key and Eunji to give their greetings together as a ‘couple’.  Jonghyun, Minho and Taemin all climb up onto a sofa where each boy is holding onto the ceiling to keep their balance.  This gives Key a taste of his own medicine where he refused receiving the bow while seated on the same level as everyone else.

Let the teasing begin.  Minho asks if Key is liking this whole Eunji situation and Key replies “how can I NOT like it?”  After Key and Eunji admits to keeping in touch after their date on We Got Married, Jonghyun and Minho sings oohs to tease the both of them.  Eunji is pretty laid back about it saying now she understands how it feels to be teased by the Shinee boys.

Minho hints that both he and Jonghyun needs a little help with getting set up on a blind date too.  Will more A Pink girls be paired up with Shinee boys?  Key thinks the pairing should stop with him and Eunji, and they should let Minho and Jonghyun go on a date together.

wgm188012Eunji has brought a fruit basket which Taemin and Naeun (intentionally?) forgot to buy.  Oh-ow.  Another daughter-in-law knife skills test?  Somehow seeing Naeun with a knife worries me.  Seems everyone else thinks the same as I do because the Shinee boys and Eunji starts nagging on her to be careful.  Everyone else is chatting away while Naeun is greatly focus at the task at hand.  Eunji has a more chatty and bubbly personality so she seems to get along fine with the other Shinee boys.

Eunji grabs the brown paper bag from behind her and hands it to Key.  Inside was a hat for Key and two hats for his cute little pet puppies.  Jonghyun and Minho throws a fake tantrum and act like they are trying to leave the room that was filled with love (?).

20131017-161751.jpgJonghyun and Minho imitate both couples during their double date episode.  Taemin is seriously frustrating to them as he doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself.  Key on the other hand had shifty eyes being a bit wary of his surroundings.  Jonghyun also re-enacts Taemin and Naeun’s first meeting (LOL).

Yumi and Jun Young

Bring on the bickering duo!  Best part of the show as of now.

They spot a little music area in the cafe and Jun Young takes the opportunity to show off his keyboard playing skills.  He picks up a guitar and starts playing and singing his duet with Roy Kim (great song BTW).  Jun Young offers to teach Yumi how to play the guitar if she cancels the marathon that she’s been dying to run.  He masks his dislike for the marathon by saying that he’s afraid that Yumi will get hurt while running.

20131018-162811.jpgHe invites Yumi to show off her keyboard playing skills… and guessed that she would play Chopsticks before she even places her hands on the keyboard.  From her face, you know that was exactly what she had in mind.  “You’re dead if you play Chopsticks.”  LOL!  Yumi still goes ahead and plays it.

Jun Young offers to make a song for the both of them and asks Yumi to come up with the lyrics.  She comes up with the lyrics about their first meeting and he improvises.  What’s with all the improv performance?  Last time was Yoon Han and this time it’s Jun Young.

Next, he teaches her how to play the guitar.  In the interview, he says that the next time he teaches her, he’ll have to show her on her guitar giving him an opportunity to hug her from the back.  LOL.  He shows her the chord and tells her that it will sound like a fart when you play guitar for the first time.  She strums the chords a few times and asks if it sounds like a fart.  “No, it sounds like diarrhea.”  He declares her a Level 1 at playing guitar and tells her to be patient to catch the king in the end.  Funny how he compares everything to gaming.

20131018-162816.jpgA few days later, Yumi is seen walking to Jun Young’s apartment.  She rings the doorbell and hides behind the door to surprise him.  She screams their version of “Tadah!” to surprise him but he flatly answers with a “Hi.”  LOL.  She’s a little disappointed with his reaction as she makes her way into his apartment.  It’s pretty tidy for a bachelor pad!  Yumi admires the gifts he’s received from his fans and the Gundam robots at his window sill.

He claims that the view from his apartment is the best.  He gets a view of the gaming company from his apartment!  He claims that the internet connection is great because that company is situated very near to his apartment and he can just scream at the company from his apartment if a gaming item is not released.  Boys shall always be boys.

The mission for the day is to pack up and head to their home in the We Got Married village.  Yumi is excited about it but Jun Young doesn’t seem to react positively to it.  He complains about the distance and asks her to pack up her things and move to his apartment instead.  LOL.  Incredible how he just suggests that nonchalantly.


They go to his kitchen to pack up a few things for their new home.  Yumi seems interested in the kitchen whereas Jun Young walks behind her like a shadow then sits himself by the sink with a leg up.  Oh, boy.  He looks homeless and she’s got a lot of work to do to whip him into husband material.

He opens the fridge to show her some beer that are zero calories.  She thinks that it is impossible for a beer to have zero calories unless there is zero alcohol.  And she’s right.  LOL.  What’s that doing in a man’s fridge anyway?  She spots a large bag of onion and a bunch of food that’s gone bad.  Yuck.

She asks for a glass of water and Jun Young offers her a glass with somaek (beer + soju) measurements.  LOL.  Love those glasses with cocktail measurements.  It would make for a great gift.  She takes a sip of water from the glass and says “why does this alcohol taste like soju?”  Drunk just from using the glass?  Now that’s new.  He tells her that they should just take all the alcohol in his apartment to their new home.  There’s a large case of what looks to be beer under stored under the kitchen sink.

Jun Young shows Yumi his bedroom and she sniffs a few times.  What does it smell like?  She does not say.  He opens his closet and shows off the books he’s been reading.  Yumi picks a book of Korean proverbs and decide to let fate decide for them a proverb that would match their situation today.  She flips the pages until Jun Young says stop and he picks the third proverb from the page on the right.  The proverb: the man who climb trees well will fall to his death, the man who swims well will drown and die.  So, death would surround this couple?  (What the proverb really is getting at is overconfidence.)

Yumi looks over his wardrobe and only find tracksuits and trackpants.  It is pretty much his uniform when he goes gaming and playing pool.  She says that she’ll be sure to burn them.  “Sure, then I’ll buy more.”  She always has to lose to him, huh?

He tells her to open the door by his bedroom window.  It’s a surprise, he says.  She opens it perhaps expecting something but it is only the boiler room.  (Goodness, the boiler inside the bedroom?  I would not buy this apartment.)  She cannot deal with any of his tricks anymore and suggested that they leave the room.

There is a second bedroom in Jun Young’s apartment and it is his pride and joy: a game room.  Yumi takes a step into his room and exclaims “the smell!”  It is probably the smell of souls rotting.  The room where the sun does not shine is cluttered with endless wires and game consoles.  He blows off some dust that has collected on top of boxes.  He tells her to be a little understanding because he’s growth is creditted to being around dust.

They finally get out of his apartment and Yumi drives them both to the We Got Married village.  Jun Young has a bad habit of backseat (in this case, passenger seat?) driving.  Yumi spots a mission card in the car and asks Jun Young to read it.  He refuses.  I think this is the first guy on WGM that hates reading these mission cards.  What is WGM without those crazy mission cards?

He opens it and sees a card, grabs that without reading the mission then tells Yumi that they should head airport.  They have all the money in the world to do whatever they want.  Or do they?

Love this crazy pair!

Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon

(They’re still on their first meeting)

Yoon Han is going to personally prepare a three course meal for So Yeon.  The emcees in the studio cannot but compare how different he is to Jun Young.  By the first course, they have decided to speak to each other informally.

So Yeon is still working through her appetizer when Yoon Han starts working on the entree.  He tells her that he has handmade the pasta in Italy and she buys it.  So Yeon seems to not be able to get his sense of humour.  Uh-oh, communication breakdown?  He cracks more dry jokes and she keeps falling for it.  Their wavelengths are not matching up.  Yoon Han finds that the gullible side of her is pretty cute.

While working on the entree, they chat about the love scenes in So Yeon’s dramas.  She admits to feeling a little nervous for those scenes.  Rather than kissing scenes, she gets more seduction scenes in the drama.  He wonders if she’ll stop doing those scenes if he is jealous, and she is willing to find a way around it.  Wouldn’t that compromise her career as an actress?

20131024-161348.jpgYoon Han asks for something in return for cooking her dinner.  He wants her to seduce him.  LOL!  She runs palm on his shoulder and her touch seems powerful enough to leave him burning.  Haha!  He asks for something more and takes a sip of his drink.  So Yeon gets up, puts her arms around his shoulders and calls him jagiya (honey).  Yoon Han is frozen from that move.

So Yeon has prepared some conversation starters written on post-its collected in a wine glass.  She’s prepared questions about whether they each fulfilled their expectation as a husband or wife, what Yoon Han’s reaction is to mother- and daughter-in-law fights and the like.  Yoon Han’s answers were cheesy to cutesy questions but not good enough to serious ones.  The last post-it is a handwritten thank you note from So Yeon to Yoon Han.

They exchange more cute (but boring) conversations.  These two look cute together but they are a boring pair because they are too perfect together.


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