Medical Top Team Episode 2’s OMG WTF Scenes


Minho making a breakfast sandwich on a rooftop garden bench
A busy doctor sneaks in some grocery shopping time to buy the ingredients needed for his breakfast sandwich. He buys a WHOLE HEAD OF ICEBERG LETTUCE, bread, fruits and other ingredients. He then makes his way back to what seems like a rooftop garden of the hospital. All of his ingredients are unloaded onto a bench along with a chopping board, knife and food safe gloves. (Don’t even ask where that chopping board, knife and gloves came from.) He cuts up his ingredients on the bench.

How hygienic is that bench anyway? It is something where people plop their bottoms on. Bottoms. On. Bench. Now that head of iceberg lettuce is sitting on that bench. Which previously came in contact with people’s bottoms. Don’t you at least get a kitchenette for doctors and staff?

He squirts some ketchup onto the sandwich. The ketchup came in a full size ketchup bottle. He needs to learn to pocket some sachets of ketchup from the nearest fast food joint. No, no, no. The problem here is that he needs to learn how to buy breakfast all prepared. I know they are going for the sincerity card here, the “I did all of this for you even though I didn’t have that much time to spare”, but you have patients dying on you and you earn at least $30 bucks an hour why the heck are you on a bench spreading mayo on your sandwich?

All I see is wastage. What are you going to do with the rest of the lettuce, tuna, mayo, ketchup and more? Stick ’em in the fridge? Throw it away so that you can film another one of these scenes a few episodes later? Yeah, I know, chillax coz it’s just a Korean drama. 😀


Six-minute long surgery
More like “OMG WhenTF is this going to end?” Scene. We’re here to watch a drama, not here to learn to be a doctor. I would not know how to differentiate a heart from the liver when everything is covered in blood because the poor patient is haemorrhaging. You’ve got the blood splattered everywhere covered in the last episode, there’s not much to show in this one. Just have Kwon Sang Woo save the day in 30 seconds and Jung Ryeo Won fuming for another 10 seconds and we get the point.


1. Psychiatric patients take the bus to the closed down Paran Clinic

Kwon Sang Woo hears sounds of a girl crying in the empty Paran Clinic.  He’s creeped out by it and the sound gets louder.  He turns around and freaks out.  LOL.  Yeon Hee is standing there crying in the dark.  Her long hair looks scary in the dark.

Ajusshi President and Kwon Sang Woo find other psychiatric patients standing at the entrance of the clinic in their hospital gowns.  How heartbreaking is that scene that they all made their way back to the clinic?  It’s funny too.  The halmonis calling out “Park Ddae” kills me.  LOL.

2. Kwon Sang Woo agrees to join Top Team

Of course he would.  Otherwise he’ll never be in this drama.  Heh.  He does it to dramatic music playing in the background.


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