Pretty Little Liars Episode 413: Grave New World


No duh! We all knew that in last season’s spoilers, even though they kept showing hints here and there that Ali is dead (cue last year’s Halloween train episode where the boys are fighting and a coffin spills out a “body”).

Spoilers and trailers of the new season shows that the first episode will be shot in Ravenswood, aka the town with the blue Instagram filter. The last scene of the last epis ode of the last season (sorry had to LuL) showed Aria instructing the girls that they would be crashing a party at this creepy town. But curiosity killed the cat and once again found themselves in trouble. Let’s get on with this week’s episode!

1. Mysterious Miranda


Who else hates it when some random stranger sits next to you on the bus or train, and there’s plenty of seats left? I hate that so much lol. Anyway, Caleb is on his way to save Hanna from Creepy Town, and he wakes up from a nap and finds this girl sitting next to him. Should it be fate, but Miranda is a runaway stray (that’s what she calls herself) with no parents and is trying to find her uncle. Even though she seems to be pretty much annoying Caleb, she actually needs a lot of help to find someone she can stay with. Someone she can trust. Caleb relates to her by telling her his semi-life story, and she opens up her trust to him and vice versa.  Little does Caleb know, but Miranda actually helps out Hanna when she needs it the most. Because of that, Hanna’s loving spirit kicks in and asks Miranda to stay with her family. This is why I love Hanna the most, even though she carries herself like a bitch (lol) deep inside she’s a softie.

2. Haunted Mansion


You can run but you can’t hide, girls. You should know that by now! The girls find a hidden door in the randomest of places. I don’t know how they do that (finding random places to go), but they seem to be getting themselves into trouble. They find a trap door that leads them into a tunnel, and while trying to find their way out they lose Hanna in a mysterious windstorm. How the F does a tunnel get wind? Lol so weird. Anyway, there’s a good chunk in the episode where the girls try to find their way out of this haunted mansion, and trying to find Hanna. It’s a bit weird and yes, Hanna sees Ali but is not sure where she goes to afterwards. Someone with a gas mask costume grabbed her and as she grabs the phone in the phone booth she is locked into, the booth door opens and out comes mysterious Miranda.

3. Alison is Alive :O


AHHHHH! I am so happy for the Liars, who have relentlessly tried to fin

d their best friend Alison even though it put themselves in great danger for their own lives and their families. They finally tracked down “Red Coat” into a corner and Red Coat revealed herself to be truly, Alison in the flesh. Though this scene is short, it gives us so many details. The girls ask Alison who she is so afraid of, and when she disappears Ezra comes around the corner to give Aria back her cell phone. What can this all mean? The girls look at each other with “what the fudge” faces and they are all sort of putting the puzzle together: EZRA IS A. No Flying Way!


  • Who is Leah and the soldier cousin? If you remember, Leah is the girl in the white princess dress who fell into an open grave. The cousin told Leah that it’s not safe for her to be here. Could Leah be featured in future episodes? She does have  a nice psycho scream though. We’ve all heard all four (Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna)’s psycho screams before and Spencer’s scream is terrible lol.
  • What is the significance of the twin girls in the red coats and why does Hanna find them so creepy? I have a feeling that it’s going to lead us into another crazy twist of episodes. A is for “Advil, anyone?” See what I did there?
  • What the heck is up with those creepy graves with Miranda and Caleb’s names on the tomb stands?! SHUDDER.
  • Mrs. Grundal looks creepy with her ice blue eyes. I wonder if they’re real or contacts.h

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