Asian Obsession for Double Eyelids & Tools to Getting Them

I was watching a random episode of The Talk some time ago (Surprise, surprise! I don’t only watch Korean entertainment) where the funny Margaret Cho was the guest for the day. Of course Julie Chen had to ask about whether Margaret Cho has had eyelid surgery. It is rather obvious to the “trained eye” (from observing too many Asian celebs) to tell that Margaret Cho hasn’t gotten her eyes done.

Margaret does this hilarious reenactment of her mother, complete with the Korean accent, talking about how to create temporary double eyelids.

(Julie asks if Margaret has had eyelid surgery…)
Margaret: It’s very common in my family, I’ve not had it but I have kind of like a one and a half lid…
Julie: You have the crease
Margaret: I remember girls in our family, they would take scotch tape and, like, put it on their eyes to make them have a double lid and then sometimes we didn’t even have tapes so my mom would say : (Korean accent) “You just use a little bit of rice and then you just stick… Your eyes big, big.” But you’re beautiful no matter what!
Julie: That’s Asian ghetto! OK? Sticky rice?

I had a good laugh because it’s so true.

So I thought it will be interesting to write about some of the tools that are out there to help with creating temporary double eyelids. For a lot of people, the double eyelid becomes rather permanent after using these tools. Margaret has covered the “Asian ghetto” versions, in the words of Julie Chen, so I will not write about those.

Eyelid Tape
What this will do is reinforce creases that are too shallow. Sometimes it can also help lift up the crease. These pre-cut tape can be found in various sizes and lengths. However, sometimes it does not work for eyes that are too puffy. These tapes are also exposed when you look downwards, giving away your secret to big beautiful eyes.

Eyelid Glue
This is something similar to the glue used to attach false eyelashes. You paint a thin line of glue on where you would like the crease to be, let the glue dry out slightly, use the pitchfork-like tool to create a crease on the eye and look up! Once you’re confident the glue is pretty much dried, you can stop looking upwards. LOL. Sometimes looking down a bit to prematurely will undo the glue and Mr. Pitchfork will have to be summoned again. It is not the most comfortable feeling having your eyes glued but you’ll get used to the feeling.

Double Sided Eyelid Tape
For certain eyes, the tape or the glue does not work AT ALL. The tape does not form a crease rather just sticks there exposed to the world to see. The glue creates a weird looking tight folded line on the eye instead of a crease. Lo and behold, the double sided eyelid tape. Pretty self explanatory: both sides of the tape are tacky and sticks to your eyelid. It is meant to hide within your crease, unexposed even when you look down.

Why would this work better? It’s hard to explain… It’s like when you buy men’s shirts from the department stores and it is folded with a cardboard inside to give it a firmer shape. That’s what the tape does. Then there are some plastic U-shaped pin things that hold the shirt in place. That’s what the glue does. Yeah, that explanation probably does not work too well.

Other Weird Tricks
Triple Eyelids: Look “upwards” from the moment you wake up in the morning. Basically you just have to maintain the imma-kill-everyone-in-my-path look for at least 15 minutes. Keep your chin tucked into your chest and look forward. Somehow after the morning puffiness subsides a little, the crease will form from the way you’re ‘stressing’ your eyelids.

Single, 1.5/Inner or Triple Eyelids: Get sick. Or sleep deprived. Yes, not the best way of getting the crease you desire.

Single, 1.5, Double or Triple Eyelids: Roll your eyes constantly. Yes, you will probably make a lot of enemies along the way. How much are you willing to suffer for double eyelids?

The permanent way is, of course, to go under the knife. Some are against it, some cannot afford it and others are too scared to get it done.

Do you know other weird tools, tips or tricks to getting temporary double eyelids? Please do share! I bet we will be introduced to a few hilarious tips and tricks.


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