Review: Essie’s Millionails Fiber Shield & Iron Strengthener

Another fail for a girl – wow, this month I’ve been on a role admitting all my beauty fails! I wonder if I will list out my beauty passes next month hehe. Anyway back to the fail.


I have the most brittle, soft nails ever. They’re so soft that it’s kind of hard for me to open packages and things that needs to be picked at (no not my nose LOL! AHAHA). Anyways, this is the reason why I never got into nail polish at all – I was afraid that one coat and you’d see the nails peel. Yes I know it sounds so bad that I should’ve put a warning on this blog post XD. 

One day after work I decided to pop by a salon at the mall, showed the girl my screwed up nails and she immediately recommended the Essie Millionails. She did show me the OPI version of it but she crinkled her nose and was like Essie’s is way better. What you basically do, is add two layers of coats every week and it should help strengthen your nails overtime. For girls with brittle nails but has a relationship with nail polishes, this would be recommended greatly as a base coat as a barrier between your nail bed and the polish.

Personally, I’ve been using it shy near a month, and TBH I haven’t really seen any difference with the brittle-ness, but I HAVE noticed a huge difference with the strength of my nails. My boyfriend noticed a huge difference too and he did a squeeze test on my nails and complimented me greatly, and this is before he knew I started a new treatment for my nails.

Overall verdict? Essie Millionails won’t break your bank, and it’s a nice temporary treatment for a quick fix. It has a slight chemical-y scent (think nail polish smell lol)m but as all nail polishes have them.

I give it a 3.5/5 star rating 🙂


4 thoughts on “Review: Essie’s Millionails Fiber Shield & Iron Strengthener

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