The Kit – Free Fashion Magazine App!


It may be old news to those fashionistas out there but I’ve just discovered this wonderful app! The Kits is an entire FREE fashion magazine. How long has it been since you’ve last purchased a glossy magazine? For me, it’s been YEARS. I have only stared longingly at the latest Vogue, Elle or any fashion magazines at the checkout line. Occasionally, I will pick one up, flip through those glossy and colourful pages and admire the beautiful photography and latest trends. When it is my turn at the register, I put it back on the shelf.

It’s not that I cannot afford magazines, but I cannot convince myself to spend $7 to $10 on a magazine that easily becomes outdated after a few months. If you have done some spring cleaning with your magazine collection, you may find magazines dating back to the 2000s and all the (now seemingly) tacky fashion spreads.

If you are like me, then The Kits will be the perfect solution for you. It’s free! Yes, I can barely hide my excitement. The pages are beautifully edited and columns are great too. Forget about only having beautiful models staring back at you for the front cover fragrance advertisements. In a tiny little section, there is a video of the commercial for the product. If you told your great-grandmother that technology will develop a magazine with pictures that moves and sings, she’ll tell you that someone has probably spiked your morning coffee.

Remember those pictures of supermodels walking the runway with the latest fashion? Now there are videos of those scrawny models walking the runway. Now you see the clothes front and back, provided that they do a turn of course. Remember having to read through all the fine print to figure out the brand and/or price of the particular piece of cosmetic that you are interested in purchasing? Fret no more as a single tap on the product gives you all the information you need.

Tempted? Download here!


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