Random Recap: 2 Days 1 Night Episode 453

It’s a start of a new trip to Suncheon, Jeollanamdo!

Highlights of the Show
Taewoong and Haejin brought their dogs, Saebeom (New Spring) and Gyeoul (Winter) along on this trip. The dog owners get to choose the partner of their choice, leaving the last three guys in a group. Taewoong picks Jongmin while Haejin picks Taehyun. That leaves Sugeun, Joowon and Sikyung in a group.

Since the other two groups also includes a dog, Sugeun suggests that he shall be the dog of the group and he asks for a leash. The production team isn’t as mean so they hand him a headband with doggy ears.

Their mission for dinner will be a barter race. They are given one, two or three peaches that they need to exchange along the way to base camp. The goal is for the team to end up with the item of the highest value. They play a series of game to determine the number of peaches each team gets. Haejin and Taehyun gets three peaches, Taewoong and Jongmin gets two while Sugeun, Sikyung and Joowon gets one.

Before they are sent off, Lee PD requests that Joowon read the pledge for the day. “Please read it in Park Si On’s character”, referring to the character Joowon plays in his current drama Good Doctor. Taewoong gets a teeny bit jealous and says that Joowon gets to do all these things because his drama is doing well ratings wise. Taewoong’s Blade and Petal doesn’t seem to be catching enough buzz. D’aww… Hugs for Taewoong. Joowon starts getting into character by raising his left shoulder and holding a stiff position while holding up is right hand for the pledge. He reads it in the way Park Si On would, a higher pitch and perfect pronunciation than his usual self.

After filming the opening, Joowon addresses his fans that have gathered around the 2 Days 1 Night filming. He so much as twitches and the whole crowd screaaaaams. He waves at the crowd and they go wild. Haejin acknowledges the fame of Good Doctor. Taehyun tries to wave back at the crowd to seem as if they are screaming for him. Too bad there’s this moment where the crowd calms down a little and Taehyun is still there waving pathetically. Caption reads: do you still remember Hyunwoo? (Hyunwoo is the popular character that Taehyun plays in the movie My Sassy Girl). Well, Taehyun-that-plays-Hyunwoo is married with two kids and one on the way. Not exactly the best person to daydream about or droll over.

After the two teams with the dogs leaves the filming location, Sugeun suggest that they make the first exchange right there and then. Joowon scrolls down the window to wave at fans who receives his wave with a scream while Sugeun and Sikyung are strategizing. They spot things that are useful for further exchanges such as umbrellas and books. Sugeun tells Joowon to hold onto the peach to make it seem all the more precious and valuable. They get out of the car and Sugeun approaches the crowd and tells them about their mission. Almost every single person present was willing to exchange anything for the peach that was in Joowon’s hands. They had a few offers but finally settles for a fan.

On the way to their next destination, Taewoong asks Jongmin if his girlfriend is well. Jongmin answers with a “yes”, pauses for a second, then “eh?” LOL I wonder if this girlfriend of his (that he will sometimes refer to in code language as his ‘mom’) will be the girl that he marries.

Haejin and Taehyun take a short walk on a trail hoping to find their first victim of their barter trade. Ajummas don’t seem to have much on them.

Sugeun team spots a mobile fruit stand by the side of the road and decides to stop and have another exchange there. Before that, they walk to the nearby store that was handing out free coffee samples. They ask for multiple cups of coffee and water. The ladies working at the store don’t seem to mind. Heck, if the cast of this show comes to my store, I’ll provide them with all the coffee they can drink. I need a group photo in return though. Heh. 2 Days 1 Night make these celebs cheap resourceful and that’s exactly what I like to see from them.

They grab an extra cup of coffee for Mr. Fruit Truck to smooth his feathers and coax him into exchanging the fan for something more valuable. They manage to get three peaches from Mr. Fruit Truck which is pretty amazing because they have tripled what they started with. Before leaving, Sugeun make sure to let Mr. Fruit Truck know that the ladies in the store nearby are handing out free samples and all of them are pretty. *wink*


Back to Haejin and Taehyun who intended to go to Seonamsa Temple but messed up directions and made their way into a tea museum.  They make some tea cookies in exchange for the two peaches they have.  They ask pretty tea cookie lady if she knows a monk who loves tea cookies and she names one.  Taehyun thinks that they should take these tea cookies and exchange it for some tea that Seonamsa Temple is famous for.

Tea cookie lady praises Haejin for his beautiful handmade tea cookies and tells him that he will have a pretty daughter if he gets married.  Taehyun wonders if Haejin and his two older sisters look alike.  Haejin laughs and says that it’s better that they get back to work.  Best not to answer that question because he is always teased about his looks.  Noona, himne!

They get to the temple and meet this monk who love tea cookies.  They do not tell the monk that they are all business and need to only make an exchange.  Mr. Monk thinks that they might be filming about the temple and its history and he starts talking on and oooooon about the history of the temple.  Taehyun and Haejin are at the verge of breaking into cold sweat.  They somehow told him about their real intentions and the tea cookies are exchanged for a fan and expensive tea.


Taewoong and Jongmin get to the tug-of-war location to hopefully win a bag of rice.  They place their peach and bamboo water gun as wager.  The ajusshi that manages the tug-of-war suggests that they play three games of tug-of-war.  With each win, they will receive a 1kg bag of rice.  Taewoong and Jongmin pick out 10 kids to play against.  Jongmin tries to pick the 10 youngest kids of the bunch.  In the first game, Taewoong and Jongmin embarrassingly loses to the kids!  Oh my, what happened to Uhm Force?

They cut off a few kids from the group, leaving behind 7 kids to go up against in the second round.  It’s almost a given that they win this round, and they do.  What’s more ridiculous is that Jongmin is overjoyed at winning over 7 first graders!  The kids ain’t to happy about their loss and some adult say that for the third and final game they should add one more person to the kid group.  No luck for the kids since they also lost the third game.

Taewoong and Jongmin exchanged their two bags of rice and a peach for a broken antique piece which they then exchange for a jar of ginseng wine.

2d1n452007Many more exchanges were made but none of them brought in the laughs.  People have been warm and generous along the way.  They finally get to base camp and a professional appraiser was invited on the show.  An ANTIQUE appraiser.  I feel that the PD should have told them this was the direction of the show.  The guys start complaining that they have the wrong sort of goods.

Taehyun and Haejin is up first.  They present their goods all wrapped up on the table and Gyeoul the dog is try to jump up to get it.  What is in there that could get Gyeoul so excited?  Taehyun explains that he is embarrassed to have brought such items to be valued by the appraiser.  They unwrapped the package and the appraiser is gobsmacked.  It’s FRIED CHICKEN and a bottle of PEPSI.  Value that, my friend!  May have cost $15 a pop but as time goes by the value falls drastically.  Tomorrow, it’ll be worth near nothing because day old fried chicken doesn’t even taste that great.  Gyeoul is panting on the side and you can tell it thinks that the chicken is priceless.

Fortunately, they have some backup.  They’ve got the incomplete set of brass cutlery and bowls which the appraiser thinks is sitting on the fence between valuable and junk.  The teams get to make their guesses of the value of the items and the team with the answer closest to the value quoted by the appraiser earns an hour of sleep time.  Their sleepy time is on the line here.  Taehyun and Haejin has a guess that is closest to the value of the brass bowls and cutlery and they win an hour of sleep time.

2d1n452009Taewoong, Jongmin and their ginseng carved roses wine are up.  The appraiser sees it and he is defeated.  Jongmin asks if Mr. Appraiser likes alcohol and Mr. Appraiser answers: “I might need a drink after this.”  Spot on.  The other guys commented that it is just ginseng sitting in soju and that it has not aged a day since the wine looks so clear.  Sugeun says that the most expensive ginseng is one that looks like a man.  How cheap would have the ginseng have been for them to be willing to carve roses out of it?  I’d have to say it looks pretty though.  Team Sugeun, Sikyung and Joowon made the right guess of the price of the ginseng wine and wins an hour of sleepy time.

2d1n452011Time for a third and final item to be appraised and it’s a pair of straw shoes.  Jongmin screams “5000 won!” but contrary to his valuation, Mr. Appraiser says that it is a craft is important in Korean culture and a proper value needs to be placed on this item.

Taehyun was curious as to how Sugeun, Sikyung and Joowon ended up with this item.  Joowon explains: one peach –> a fan –> three peaches –> parasol –> a box of peaches –> chestnut honey.  I wish they came back with a crate of peaches.  Anyway, they were so touched with the kind grandmother that gave them the chestnut honey and decided not to exchange the honey for the straw shoes.  The kind grandfather that was making those straw shoes practically gave them away and told them to promote the craft and the area that he lives in.

Based on fair play, their real item up for appraisal is chestnut honey.  It’s appraised for the lowest value among all three items and that puts Sugeun, Sikyung and Joowon in last place.


Isn’t the Sikyung-Joowon bromance adorable?


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