Get the Look… Not? Chae Gyeong in Good Doctor Episode 17

So I may have to take back my words in my previous post about how Chae Gyeong (played by Kim Min Seo) has the best fashion sense in the whole drama.  She just turned up in the most hideous brown outfit that words cannot even describe.  I’ll let you see for yourself.

GTL003 GTL004 GTL005 GTL008 GTL010 GTL011

See? it was so ugly that even Park Si On (played by Joowon) ran off because he didn’t want to be near it.

What went wrong?

1. Colour

It is the ugliest brown I have seen in my life.  No, not really.  I have bags that are in that colour.  I feel that the colour coupled with the pattern is not exactly age appropriate for Chae Gyeong’s character.  It is more suited for someone older.  If the dress is white or in a more youthful colour, she would have pulled it off.

2. Pattern of the fabric

Reminds me of My Fair Lady.  The Audrey Hepburn one, not the K-drama one.   Professor Higgins: “l despise those gowns with weeds here and weeds there.”  Those flowers are very… overpowering.  Peplum dresses can do without bedazzled flowers, thank you.  Those flowers will look good if the dress was a properly fitted, simple sleeveless dress.  Which brings me to the next point…

3. Fit

Kim Min Seo is one skinny girl and in this dress she managed to look HUGE.  Relative to her own size, of course.  The ill-fitted dress is worsened by those flowers that added more bulk.  If the designer wants to keep this loose fit, he/she should have picked a different fabric.

Fix one of the three above problems and the dress would look a whole lot better.

GTL001Look at that face.  Park Si On doesn’t seem to agree with me.  Do you?  LOL.

Watch Good Doctor every Monday and Tuesday.  One more week to the finale!


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