We Got Married Episode 187

wgm187001We get a new studio host, Hong Jinyoung. Let me tell you, I’m going to miss Lee Jihye. In this episode, we will also be introduced to two new couples.

wgm187002Before new faces and introduction, we are given a dose of the couple that we are more accustomed with: Taemin and Naeun. They are heading off to the place for blob jump. Yeah, the one that has already been done on Running Man TWICE. Can you give us something new please? At the mention of a possible water sport, Taemin asks if Naeun has brought swimwear. “Yes”, she says and he gulps. Taemin, kiddo, don’t let your mind stray off to imagineland. “Is it a bikini?” Yes, she answered and he cannot contain his glee.

They arrive to the blob jump site and put on life jackets. FYI, Naeun is not in a bikini (to Taemin’s disappointment?) Taemin takes the opportunity to help Naeun with her life jacket which is obviously just a sly trick to want Naeun close to him. He makes her do the same for him.

wgm187003So how does this thing work? The first person gets onto the blob and the second person jumps after and it sends the first person flying through the air then eventually fall in the water. The problem is these two are pretty light so they don’t go flying high up in the air.

After they had their share of the blob jump, Taemin suggest that they bet on a meal. Whoever runs across the float and into the trampoline floating in the water gets to choose what to eat for dinner. Naeun goes first and gets to the trampoline safely but Taemin falls into the water. His plan has failed. He had wanted to eat fried chicken. Naeun graciously lets him have his choice.

wgm187004Soon it is night time and it’s time for dinner. Taemin confessed that the fried/grilled (?) chicken (looks grilled) he wanted to eat was not his real intention. He brings out some beer and places them on the table. In the studio, Miseon has a vague(?) recollection of someone (her husband) trying hard to get her to drink beer (drunk?) a long time ago. So is this kiddo trying to get Naeun drunk then take her home?

She gets buzzed by the tiny sip of beer and words seem to flow out from her. I think she’s just taking advantage of the alcohol as an excuse to say what she wants to say. She admits to feeling a little lonely when he’s out of the country. His text messages are not filled with emoticons if he’s texting out of the country and she feels like his behaviour changes when they are far apart. She also feels sorry for not being very expressive with Taemin.

Naeun tries to tell Taemin shyly that she likes him but in broken sentences. He pushes her into a corner until she says it perfectly: I like you. Miseon is enjoying this too much.

wgm187005After some *boring* conversation, they decide to take a picture together with Naeun’s polaroid camera.  For the last polaroid, Taemin suggests that they stand up for a selfie.  Why?  Because the moment Naeun aims the camera at themselves, Taemin puts his arms around her for a back hug.  Dude, the camera can even capture your arms around her.  He repositions his arms around her shoulders so that it will turn out in the photo.  Danny Ahn and Miseon are dying from the cuteness.

wgm187006Naeun asks if Taemin has any last words to say to her and he whispers it to her.  Embarrassed smiles and giggles later, she answers “me too.”  What did he say?  What did he say?  What did he say?  Danny Ahn is going crazy trying to figure that out and complains to at least provide some subtitles to what is going on.  Jong Min says not to worry, as there will be an interview with Taemin and Naeun.  No luck, peeps.  Taemin and Naeun are keeping it under wraps.

My guess?  He probably said: let’s play a prank on everyone.  I’m telling you nothing but please say “me too” loud and clear after this.  ROFL.

Time for the newbies!

Jung Yumi and Jung Joon Young

wgm187007Jung Yumi is adorable saying that she’s in her thirties but begs the show to say that she is 29 years old in the subtitles.  I like her already.  I didn’t like her in Rooftop Prince but that’s kdramaland for you, eh?  She receives her first WGM envelope with hints about her virtual husband: Jakarta and Andrew.  What on earth?

wgm187009Time to say hello to Joon Young.  I’ve seen this guy on TV a couple of times.  He sings very well but looks too skinny and so unhealthy.  What happened to drinking all those weird tonics in plastic sachets that typical Korean celebs do?  Other celebs need to donate some of that tonic to this guy.  And I have to mention, his double eye lid surgery is seriously too… much.  Which ever doctor did it for him made the crease too deep.  I don’t know if he’s confessed to plastic surgery, but I’m 98.9% sure this guy had his eyes done.  Please no bashing.  I personally have nothing against plastic surgery (unless some people are addicted to it).

He introduces himself saying he’s getting married and wiggles his eyebrows.  He too gets some hints about his wifey: Elizabeth and Jung Jae Hyung, Jang Gi Ha and Gil.  Another mysterious set of hints.  What does he wants in his wife?  He wants someone to have to be able to control him and financially stable.  All I hear from the description is: I WANT MY MOMMY.

With the hints, he turns to his trusty computer to unveil the truth.  He searches up ‘Elizabeth’ and finds a musical actress named Kim So Hyun and decides that she’s the one the clues are pointing to.  Suspecting that it’s too easy, he looks further and find that this musical actress is married.

wgm187013Yumi goes to an elementary school to meet her husband for the first time.  I think she should take meeting at an elementary school as a sign.  She waits forever and Mr. Hubby doesn’t show up.  Finally a truck arrives but it drives pass her.  Wha..?  Then the truck does a turn then stops in front of her.  The carriage compartment of the truck opens to reveal Joon Young on his guitar trying to serenade a girl with a rock song.

Her impression?  A sweaty guy in a long sleeve knit top with cheap taste.  It was fun though.

His first words to her?  Hello, wife.  It’s so hot.

LOL.  This is going to get interesting.

They exchange shy hellos and he gives her a guitar pick as a present.  It’s occupational hazard as they both ask if they recognize each other.  If the other person say yes all is well, but if the other person says no it means they need to work on their star power a little more.  LOL.  Yumi knows who Joon Young is, but he has no idea who she is.  Seriously, even I didn’t know until they aired the clips of her from Rooftop Prince.  I remember that mean girl with short red hair but not her with her current look.

wgm187014They verify their ages and she hesitates to admit that she’s his noona.  He plainly says that he’ll assume that she is older.  He calls her noona all too often and Yumi is not so pleased with that.  She tells him to guess her age and he guesses 30.  Boy, oh, boy does he need a lesson from Key the dating expert.  He says people who are 30 years old get slight wrinkles around the eyes like she has.  I predict she might get a botox injection the next day.  Haha!

Joon Young asks her if she thinks he looks young and she says he does.  He then offers her the secret to his youthful look.  What a jerk.  But I’m happy they cast this guy for the show.  The earlier couples were getting too boring and too sweet.  He has a quirky character.  Honestly, he has more wrinkles than she does.


They arrive at a cute little cafe.  They find a cat on the sofa and Yumi asks Joon Young if he likes cats.  “I do but can it get out of my seat?”  This guy is good for television.  If I have a husband in real life that acts that way, I would have filed a divorce ages ago.  They decide to search each other on the internet and find that they have the same last name and the same birth month.  “But our birth year is different”, says Joon Young, rubbing more salt in Yumi’s wounds.

He accidentally clicks on a link that takes him to a picture of Yumi in sheer clothing.  He thinks her choice of clothing would make for a very happy marriage.  LOL.  Yumi tells him that she enjoys the song Becoming Dust, a duet by Roy Kim and Joon Young.  Proudly he asks if he did a good job.  She gives him a taste of his own medicine by saying that Roy Kim did a good job.  Nice.  I hope she picks this up quickly.  We need more intelligent banter on this show.

They talk about the hints that they’ve received.  Joon Young has lived in Jakarta as a child and would typically use Andrew as his English name.  He tells Yumi that his full name is really Andrew Simon Joon Mercutio Cheng.  Miseon finds him cute and funny.  She asks him to give her an English name and he suggests Focus.  OMG.  Jaw drop.  He is inspired by the poster behind Yumi that reads Focus Asia Fukuoka.  They finally settle on calling her Pocahontas.

It is Yumi’s turn to explain Elizabeth and Jung Jae Hyung, Jang Gi Ha and Gil.  Elizabeth turns out to be the name of her CAR and the list of names are the celebs that she is close to.

wgm187017Joon Young asks if Yumi likes gaming.  It’s obvious that he’s a gamer because of that twinkle in his eyes when he talks about gaming.  He usually plays games that are rated 19 and above but comments that since Yumi is 30 there is nothing to worry about with the ratings.  *Face palm*

His dream married life?  He’ll wake up and make breakfast then they will eat together.  While wifey does the dishes, he’ll turn on the computer.  They will have a cup of coffee while surfing the web.  What happens when the sunlight shines into their house?  NO!  That can never happen because they will not be able to see the screen properly with the sun shining in.  At night, they will continue gaming while enjoying the night view.  News flash!  Yumi just married a vampire.

Yumi shares her hobbies with Joon Young.  She likes to enjoy nature doing things such as rock climbing and cycling.  The rush of being able to conquer a mountain feels good.  Joon Young tries to relate to her through a game he plays where he basically dethrones a king at level 10,000 and the rush that he gets from accomplishing this task.  Ha.

Yumi wants them to participate in a marathon together.  At the mention of “marathon”, Joon Young’s face twitches.  Somehow I think his kind of marathon is playing three different video games back to back.  He says the only time he ran recently was when he was late for a radio broadcast.  Bahaha!

I like the dynamics of these two.  They are like a truck heading straight for the cliff, an accident waiting to happen.  I’ll stay tuned to these two.

Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon

wgm187018Hello, Lee So Yeon!  She receives her first WGM mission card that contains hints about her soon-to-be virtual husband.  The hints are Kim Dong Ryul and jeon (pancakes). 

wgm187022She arrives at the location for their first meeting and finds a mission card on a table.  There is red yarn attached to the card.  By tracing the red yarn, she will be able to find her husband.  Reminds me of the red dress in A Gentleman’s Dignity.  The yarn takes her everywhere!  She hears someone playing the piano and takes a tiny pause to calm herself.  She walks in the room to find a man playing the piano with red yarn tied to his pinkie.

She shyly walks in, stands behind him and clears her throat.  He turns to look at her, turns back to the piano with a shy smile and continues playing the piano.  She stands there looking a little baffled at the rather cold response.  After Yoon Han finishes playing the piece, he gets up and greets So Yeon.

wgm187024Yoon Han invites So Yeon to sit next to him on the piano bench.

So Yeon: You play the piano very well.

Yoon Han: I’m a pianist.

Oops.  So Yeon obviously doesn’t know who this guy is.  She apologizes.  He asks her if she could play the piano so she plays Fur Elise with trembling hands.  She does an iffy job but we’ll all forgive her because she is nervous.  Yoon Han tells her to play the main melody of Fur Elise while he plays the accompaniment.

They talk about how old they are and it turns out that So Yeon is a year older than Yoon Han.  That means there are 2 noona-dongsaeng couples currently.  The age difference doesn’t seem that bad because they both have calm and collected images that goes well with each other.

Yoon Han plays an impromptu piece inspired by So Yeon.  He names the piece “Yeon” as in So Yeon and fate (in yeon).


They move to a different location to have a chat over some coffee.  Yoon Han asks what was her first impression of him.  She thought that it was a little funny because when he looked a little lost when he took a peek at her while playing the piano.  Somehow he manages to continue playing the piano.

Yoon Han’s first impression of her is that her image is really a match to his.  I agree.  There’s this classy and elegant feel to both people.

They start talking about the hints they received about each other.  She’s played a villain in her drama and Yoon Han requests that she demonstrates how she acts like a villian.  To this she says that she doesn’t mind rehearsing scenes that involve strangling and hitting.  LOL.

wgm187026It’s so funny that she’s still holding onto that ball of yarn and his pinkie is still tied to the yarn.

They try to decide on a nickname for each other (maybe trying to avoid him calling her noona all the time like what Joon Young is doing to Yumi?).  They decide to use jagiya because yeobo sounds too intimate and Yeon doesn’t sound too nice.  It’s obvious that they still can’t say it without their skin crawling but give them a few more weeks and they’ll be accustomed to it.

They started talking about REAL marriage.  So Yeon shares that most of her friends  and her younger sister are already married and some are already starting to have kids.  Yoon Han shares the same concern as he admires his older brother getting married and currently has a child on the way.

Yoon Han is open to the idea of turning this into a real thing if there is a real connection between him and So Yeon.  LOL.  Is he going to pull a Jun Jin-Lee Si Young?  Haha!

These two are the standard sweet couple.  Hopefully they do not become a dull and boring all too quickly!  Aren’t you glad that there’s Joon Young and Yumi to cut through all that sweetness?


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