Ask Sheepy: Strength

Hi girls, Little Sheepy is back into action 🙂 I feel like Fall gives out some kind of vibe that just makes me want to cuddle in my lounge chair wearing a robe and type away. I used to hate the rainy season but now it’s just such a luxury to me (yaya I know, I’m a weird one lol).


This month’s Ask Sheepy topic will be about inner strength. It’ll be a feel-good lesson learner type of blog post so feel free to cozy up with a coffee and read on!

In school, I used to be the girl that people would bully. They would make mean comments, write nasty stuff on my locker with a white board pen (I was so sad I wanted to cry lol), and the worst ever, I was even shoved in the locker! For those of you who know me personally, please don’t laugh and attempt this. It was a very scarring experience =p

Over the years in the working industry I seem to have not been able to get over the Always Bullied Girl status either. It was a sad time, and it cost me some well paying high status jobs but that is a lesson well learned: you will not go anywhere without sticking for yourself. I now work in Client Support in a help desk setting, so you can imagine the insane amount of calls I get from super pleasant, lovely people to the most opposite crazy rude bitchy people you’ve ever imagined. They feel like if they can bully you, they can bend the system.

Just recently I had a bit of a bout with a rude caller, and I basically told her right up front that if she wants something to happen in her benefit she would need to pull her own leg too. Feeling some adrenaline I instructed her with a firm voice that I’m not going to bend over for her mistake and then she stopped being a bully and finally did what I told her to do.

I believe that as girls in the office, we are deemed “vulnerable” and “helpless”. Once you start sticking up for yourself, other people will start respecting you as a person in the end. My Manager was listening to me during the phone call and gave me a two thumbs up for sticking up for the company.

When was the last time you stuck up for yourself in a professional environment?
Did you feel uncomfortable doing so, but knew that was the right thing to do?


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